Thursday, April 24, 2008


Have spent the last couple of weeks trying to remember my bloody password. The bastard finally came back to me yesterday.

Not that there was much to blog anyways, in the way of walkies. It's pissed down raining for a fortnight. Lovely and cool but photos taken under skies that dark look like the inside of a coal mine at midnight.

Thank yer for the holiday wishes. It was bliss. I laid around like a sack of spuds, eating healthy food, feet up on the balcony watching World of Warcraft The Musical and brush turkeys chasing each other. Did you know they sit in trees when they're not kicking the shit out of each other and people's gardens? Funny buggers, brush turkeys.

Anyways, along with my password isshews, my bloody computer's gone and given up the ghost. The bastard was fine before I went away. The holiday from use was too much for it and the bastard will only do word processing.

Will be getting a new one next week. In the meantime, pop over and have a gander at some nice sunny photos I made last year.


I've been put on Around the World. Which is photo sites from all over the world. Thank yer, Gerald.