Saturday, January 31, 2009

View from the fifties

Ettalong-Umina 1950s

View of 1950s Woy Woy Peninsula from Blackwall Mountain.

Emailed by an anonymous blog reader. Thank yer kindly.

Have had this photo for yonks and went up the mountain several times trying to get the same view now. Couldn't find it. It's a bit bushier up there than it was then. Got all hot and cross and nearly fell down the hill coupla times but not photo joy.

If you can't read the green print, the bottom right street is Wallaby I think, could also be Warwick. Memorial Avenue in the middle bottom. A major thoroughfare* morning, noon, and night.

Above Memorial is the bent bit at the eastern end of Gallipoli Avenue. Above it is Springwood Street. Then Trafalgar Avenue, the one with the old WWII airstrip is the top street.

The arrows are pointing at Lion Island (left) and Pearl Beach.

Ettalong-Umina 1950s

Bit closer. So many wee small houses back then. And Umina (most distant part of flat) is hardly populated at all.

More fifties photos at 1950s Woy Woy

Straylya Day

Had a good weekend away. Bit too warm but the beer was cold and the company was hot. Hoped to get back in time for the Woy Woy fireworks but didn't make it.

Shame because, as Michael confirms it apparently pissed down but they set the fireworks off anyways! That woulda made some interesting photos.

Storms & bushfires in the Hunter over the long weekend (Woy Woy is on the Hunter Coast, as well as on the Central Coast, in the Sydney region, the Greater Gosford, and regional Australia.)

This month I reached 2,000 uploads on my Flickr.

While yer at flickr have a decko at Michael's latest local photos, including a Tassie devil from the local reptile park.

Matt Lauder also has some spiffy local water-scapes.

Stevo has more models of old Woy Woy buildings and a link to the near-extinct Masonic Hall.

Time off for good behaviour

The dreaded February heat has well and truly kicked in here in Woy Woy. This means its my annual month off from walkies. I'll be back in March. Be good or I'll rip yer bloody arms orf.

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* A major thoroughfare by Woy Woyan standards, so as many as twenty cars an hour!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Live and sweaty

Under The Bridge II

Way too hot for swimming in the unshaded ocean. Under the railway bridge would be a good shady spot if it weren't for the power boats zooming through every 5 secs.

Boats going under the bridges are heading into Woy Woy Inlet, Woy Woy Bay, Phegans Bay, Horsfield Bay and Correa Bay (Deadmans Bay as was).

X marks the spots
In 1934 a kid was taken by a grey nurse shark at either Phegans Bay (top red cross) or Horsfield Bay (lower red cross).

There's a local story I think about every time I go over the The Bays. In Horsfield Bay in 1934 a kid by the name of Roy Inman got taken by a grey nurse. Promised his mum he'd come out of the water after one more jump off the jetty. He jumped and the shark took him and had a go at his sister.

Only the history books and the Dear Old Things seem to remember it. Sharks are not even a blip on the radar in Brisbane Water these days, not to us landlubbers anyways.

The Peninsular News

Woy Woy Steve's shark and skeleton tales

Jimmy Little's tales of sharks and Barry the milkman

Meme thingo

Volunteered to do a list thingy (from Device dear). No idea why as I am crap at these things.

Dreadful news from a mate.

Drank a well dry due to this dreadfully hot weather.

Dean Winchester and her wot plays Rita in Dexter do not grow less delicious.

(Straight guy readers need not be alarmed, this Dean link does not contain snuggling.)


Dying for another storm to hit and take away the muggy.

Pop over and see Woy Woy Steve's excellent bushwalkies photos.

Lost my copy of the local rag, Steve, with yer latest article in it. You are becoming quite the journo.

Oh yeah

Nearly forgot to say I'm giving you a lick and a promise tonight 'cause I'm off for the weekend. Happy Straylya Day.


Woy Woy will once again be the scene of lantern parades, fireworks and live bands and dancing. Be there or be square. See the local rag.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


X marks the spot, clouds over Woy Woy

X marks the spot. Clouds over Woy Woy. They look like con trails but I didn't see any planes.

Found these laying about in my photos folder. Took them late last year. No good for photos today. Very overcast.

Low tide off Blackwall foreshore, taken from Blackwall Mtn

Low tide off Blackwall foreshore. That bit of sand is a tiny tidal islet and smells hideously of pelican shit.

Rip Bidge & Orange Grove Road from Blackwall Mountain

Rip Bidge and Orange Grove Road from the aptly named Bay View Crescent. Which is the only road on the mountain. The other one is just a short acess thingy for the council workers.

Meandering path going up Blackwall Mtn

Meandering path going up Blackwall Mountain. It's not too steep if you follow the paths. Makes a pleasant bushwalk.

Views from the lookout

Did yer miss me?

I had a good Chrissy and New Year's, thank yer for asking.

New Year’s smelt like jasmine and beer and BBQ sauce, a heady perfume. My sex drive popped in for a visit. Strolled in like it had never been away, beckoned to a couple of old fuck-buddies, had its wicked way with them, then pissed off again. Leaving me clutching my beer with my mouth open.

The visit was due to spending two whole days watching that pair of spunky lust bunnies in Supernatural and talking about all the strange that’ll be coming to town for Mardi Gras.

And how the fuck did I miss this photo?

Okay, they're not starkers or nothing but that is worth all the photoshopping on the internets. Think I'll have a little lie-down now.

P.S. Don't tell me it's just good photoshop! I can never spot good photoshop and then someone tells me when it was allegedly taken one of them was in Siberia or dead or something and I just get cross.


Cane toad found at Umina

"Once established cane toads can spread quickly. A female cane toad can deposit up to 30,000 eggs at a time, and may lay several times over the summer season.

Cane toads can be identified by their dry, warty skin and their large glands located behind the ears.

Cane toad sightings in the Central Coast area can be reported to the local NPWS office at Gosford on 4320 4200."

Cane toad factoids & photos

Tattoo aces interview

Tattoo gets island reef job (includes video)

Ta for the heads up from the mystery correspondent.

Local linkage

Stevo's models of old Woy Woy buildings. I particularly like Noonan's as she was, and the old cinema which was where Woolies is now.

Miniature train spotter's blog (Woy Woyan)

MyDoona's Monologue ('nother local blogger)

Great texture photos from Umina Beach

Straylya Day sail past wants you and yer boat

Cockatoo ferry running to 25th January

Australia Day at Woy Woy - Anderson Park (beside the ferry wharf) 2pm - 9.30pm (last year's, Straylya Day at the Ducktionary)

International Fairy Bread Appreciation Day

Fairy Bread

For Suzanne's and Vangaman's kids.

Fairy bread is the favourite party food of Australian kids and gentleman who prefer gentleman. IFBAD was last week.