Friday, January 23, 2009

Live and sweaty

Under The Bridge II

Way too hot for swimming in the unshaded ocean. Under the railway bridge would be a good shady spot if it weren't for the power boats zooming through every 5 secs.

Boats going under the bridges are heading into Woy Woy Inlet, Woy Woy Bay, Phegans Bay, Horsfield Bay and Correa Bay (Deadmans Bay as was).

X marks the spots
In 1934 a kid was taken by a grey nurse shark at either Phegans Bay (top red cross) or Horsfield Bay (lower red cross).

There's a local story I think about every time I go over the The Bays. In Horsfield Bay in 1934 a kid by the name of Roy Inman got taken by a grey nurse. Promised his mum he'd come out of the water after one more jump off the jetty. He jumped and the shark took him and had a go at his sister.

Only the history books and the Dear Old Things seem to remember it. Sharks are not even a blip on the radar in Brisbane Water these days, not to us landlubbers anyways.

The Peninsular News

Woy Woy Steve's shark and skeleton tales

Jimmy Little's tales of sharks and Barry the milkman

Meme thingo

Volunteered to do a list thingy (from Device dear). No idea why as I am crap at these things.

Dreadful news from a mate.

Drank a well dry due to this dreadfully hot weather.

Dean Winchester and her wot plays Rita in Dexter do not grow less delicious.

(Straight guy readers need not be alarmed, this Dean link does not contain snuggling.)


Dying for another storm to hit and take away the muggy.

Pop over and see Woy Woy Steve's excellent bushwalkies photos.

Lost my copy of the local rag, Steve, with yer latest article in it. You are becoming quite the journo.

Oh yeah

Nearly forgot to say I'm giving you a lick and a promise tonight 'cause I'm off for the weekend. Happy Straylya Day.


Woy Woy will once again be the scene of lantern parades, fireworks and live bands and dancing. Be there or be square. See the local rag.


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Breeding sharks love those quiet backwaters... a stray human leg makes a night snack. has happened a few times in the back-reaches of Middle Harbour (Sydney) as well.

FoxyMoron said...

I wish I was in Woy Woy.

Woy Woy Steve said...

I never got a copy of my last article either , got caught up in the Xmas rush , maybe PN will have some spare ones so I can send to mother, will do soem more soon once the shock of returning to work subsides .......

Ron Bloomquist said...

Great shot from under the bridge. Quite different. Quite artistic. I like it!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Dean is rather nice, but I prefer his brother.
Thanks for doing the Meme, Spike darling.

Spike said...

Mal, I may never go swimming again!

Foxy Moron, love the nick.

Stevo, found my copy. Excellent reading as usual. Had no idea Rock and his brother had such a good time at the goldfields. Lucky bastards.

Ron, thank yer kindly. It was very atmospheric under there.

Device dear, yer welcome. And isn't Padalecki all growed up now? He were still just a twink when Ackles first plucked him.

*suddenly feels like a sandwich for some reason*

Spike said...

P.S. Re memes, is there a bloggers' version of 6 Degrees of Fornication?

michael said...

I was going to go up into woy woy itself and watch the fireworks but it started to rain and I thought they were going to cancelt he fireworks but they didnt I could still see the large ones from my place anyway but i didnt think they were as bright maybe it was because of the low cloud