Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Straylya Day

Went into Woy Woy on Australia Day, for the fireworks. There was a fair crowd round Anderson Park, the wee park opposite the ferry wharf.

Bird lanterns Australia Day 2008 Woy Woy

There was a parade of lanterns before the fireworks and some decent live music and belly dancers. Didn't see that belly dancer chick who wears the green outfit. Pity, she's good.

These two lanterns looked very serene floating over the crowd.

Heart lantern Australia Day 2008 Woy Woy

Paper hands glued on, some sort of bird trapped in the centre there and pretty rainbow colours like Mardi Gras. (Parade's March the 1st this year, peeps, you got a month to polish that tiara.)

Phoenix lantern Australia Day 2008 Woy Woy

Phoenix. That mythical bird that rises from the ashes. Good symbolic thingy for bushfire season. Let's be hoping we don't need it this year.

Fire lantern Australia Day 2008 Woy Woy

Fire for summer's heat? Just for pretty? Dunno. The paper just said "parade of lanterns" not why. It had a certain low-key coolness about it and the sprogs clearly enjoyed it and there were some chicks with pink fans. No idea what they were about.

The parade went from the Memorial Park to Anderson Park. A distance of maybe 100 feet. It's a small town.

Fireworks Australia Day 2008 Woy Woy

It was a still night and the fireworks reflected in the water in the channel. They set them off from the commercial wharf I think. The one next to the ferry wharf. Wasn't close enough to see.

To the left of the fireworks there's half a dozen kayakers in the water with wee star-shaped lanterns in their boats. I liked those better than the fireworks to tell you the truth.

Some excellent news over the Australia Day long weekend: our new PM is promising to say sorry to the Aborigines.

More on Australia Day

Clean up in lane two

F3's a carpark apparently and could be until dinner time. Some truck caught fire. Diesel tanker or diesel-fueled I don't know. You know what news reports are like. Big black smear of burnt stone on the cut. Looked like it's near Mount White. There's some sort of prang there every other day. I like the train. The view's good and you can work or read or whatever.

Blazing truck causes F3 chaos - has a video as well


michael said...

I had a good weekend spent friday night and saturday housesitting i got to watch foxtel and swim in their pool naked - whoo hoo
I saw the fireworks from my place couldnt see the lower ones but could see all of the larger ones

the train trips not bad until it starts to sprinkle or the stationmaster at scone farted and the whole system comes to a screaming halt

Spike said...

There are few things in this life as excellent as nekkid pool swimming. Must be the naughtiness of being starkers in suburbia.

Very true.

michael said...

i know what you mean by the naughtiness of being naked, even though the house I was at had those tall colourbond fences all the way around, I was expecting the neigbours to pop their heads over the fence and ask what i was doing

Spike said...

Then you coulda invited them in and had one of them rather unlikely pron scenarios!

Salihan said...

Hi Spike! My husband showed me your blog and like you, I'm a local blogger at Woy Woy! You even left a comment on his Flickr photos ages ago about Ettalong.

Anyway, I saw your Australia Day photos and they look so similar to mine! You much have been standing only metres away from me! Here's the link to my blog post on Australia Day:

Spike said...

Hi Salihan.

It was very crowded but a fun night.

Your photos are way better than mine. Ta for the link.