Thursday, January 24, 2008


(Yattalunga walkies #1, Map)

Foreshore at Centennial Avenue Saratoga

Rush hour at Centennial Avenue foreshore, Saratoga.

Someone was taking their dog for a swim, several giggly teenagers on an inflatable raft were being towed very slowly through the shallows, a few speedboat droned slowly from Gosford to Woy Woy.

Tascott from Centennial Avenue Saratoga

Looking across from Centennial Avenue Saratoga to Tascott.

Plenty of nice views to be had today but the bastard light was dodgy as hell for photos.

Saratoga & Tascott from Centennial Avenue Saratoga

Steyne Road Saratoga (middle distance) and Tascott from Centennial Avenue Saratoga.

Hung around for a bit hoping the light would improve then set off down a side street, along a public access path and over the hill into Yattalunga.

Yattalunga Tidal Pool

Yattalunga Tidal Pool. That's it at the end of the jetty, that bit of water surrounded by a fence. There was a happy family out there with their fishing rods and the kid in a life jacket. I glared at them moodily and stamped off again to enjoy my misery. I was already hot and cross and I'd only been walking ten minutes.

Strangle vine at Yattalunga foreshore

Knotty bits on some sort of strangle vine taking over a gum on the foreshore.

Mangrove grove Yattalunga foreshore

Mangrove root bleaching in the sun in front of a wee grove of mangroves near the tidal pool.

Decaying house Mundoora Avenue Yattalunga

Decaying house Mundoora Avenue Yattalunga. Big empty backyard behind this one. Some developer person will snap it up and there'll be a dozen aggressively modern units on it before you can say demolition order. Though it's true the house may fall down of its own accord before then.

Tinny & mangrove grove Yattalunga foreshore

A tinny and Brisbane Water right across from yer front door. You wouldn't be dead fer quids.


The red circled bit is Yattalunga. Right above Saratoga and Davistown.

Feeling bloody sorry for myself today. Up half the night talking to God on the big white phone then a hot sweaty walk with the light coming and going like a punter on a 5 minute voucher. Dragged myself out of bed at morning tea time, tottered onto the ferry and stamped along my walkies route muttering about how hard done by I was and how evil the light was for coming out then going back on the second the camera was fired up. Back at home now with me feet in a nice cool foot bath and the delightful prospect of no work tomorrow followed by the Australia Day long weekend.

Our Heath

Our Heath & Doe Eyes in Brokeback Mountain
Our Heath & Doe Eyes in Brokeback Mountain

Shit. That was out of the blue. Hope the family unplugs their telly for a month and pays no attention to the wild speculation and general bollocks that follows a celebrity death. My sympathies to them.

Sydney Morning Herald articles, photo links & obituary


michael said...

was this illness you had self inflicted was it? either way hope you are feeling better soon

Pattie. said...

Some good photos there
loved the mangrove one
I know what you mean about the light
I have been taking photos along
the tascott water....the light is very times....then just as you get a goodie.
Very interesting post.Ta
Hope you feeling better today.xx

Suzanne44 said...

I'm devastated about Heath - keep hoping to find out it's not true. Thought it was criminal he didn't get the Oscar for his performance in Brokeback Mtn - the Capote guy was good, but not as good as Heath.

Spike said...

Michael, you found me out! Am much better now, having spent yesterday laying under a cold towel in a dark room to counter the effects of the last few weekends.

Pattie, how was yer trip? Or are you still here?

Ta very kindly. Very dodgy light all this month, bugger it. But rain came with it so I'm good :)

I am indeed feeling better, thank yer.

Suzanne, bit of a stunner no? 28 years old, poor bastard.

I suspect the Oscar goes to the best headjob rather than the best actor.

Phillip Somebody Seymour was it who did Capote? He's good, though I never got round to seeing it.

Jade Graham said...

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