Saturday, January 31, 2009

View from the fifties

Ettalong-Umina 1950s

View of 1950s Woy Woy Peninsula from Blackwall Mountain.

Emailed by an anonymous blog reader. Thank yer kindly.

Have had this photo for yonks and went up the mountain several times trying to get the same view now. Couldn't find it. It's a bit bushier up there than it was then. Got all hot and cross and nearly fell down the hill coupla times but not photo joy.

If you can't read the green print, the bottom right street is Wallaby I think, could also be Warwick. Memorial Avenue in the middle bottom. A major thoroughfare* morning, noon, and night.

Above Memorial is the bent bit at the eastern end of Gallipoli Avenue. Above it is Springwood Street. Then Trafalgar Avenue, the one with the old WWII airstrip is the top street.

The arrows are pointing at Lion Island (left) and Pearl Beach.

Ettalong-Umina 1950s

Bit closer. So many wee small houses back then. And Umina (most distant part of flat) is hardly populated at all.

More fifties photos at 1950s Woy Woy

Straylya Day

Had a good weekend away. Bit too warm but the beer was cold and the company was hot. Hoped to get back in time for the Woy Woy fireworks but didn't make it.

Shame because, as Michael confirms it apparently pissed down but they set the fireworks off anyways! That woulda made some interesting photos.

Storms & bushfires in the Hunter over the long weekend (Woy Woy is on the Hunter Coast, as well as on the Central Coast, in the Sydney region, the Greater Gosford, and regional Australia.)

This month I reached 2,000 uploads on my Flickr.

While yer at flickr have a decko at Michael's latest local photos, including a Tassie devil from the local reptile park.

Matt Lauder also has some spiffy local water-scapes.

Stevo has more models of old Woy Woy buildings and a link to the near-extinct Masonic Hall.

Time off for good behaviour

The dreaded February heat has well and truly kicked in here in Woy Woy. This means its my annual month off from walkies. I'll be back in March. Be good or I'll rip yer bloody arms orf.

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* A major thoroughfare by Woy Woyan standards, so as many as twenty cars an hour!


michael said...

that first pic that definitely isnt wallaby st - it is either warwick st or the next one over which is warrigal st
the streets which run off gallipoli and maybe seen in this photo are banksia st then collareen st (which is the street i grew up in) then springwood st

Spike said...

Thank yer kindly.