Sunday, February 08, 2009

Victorian bushfires

There are no fires in the Woy Woy area and the big fire at Peats Ridge fire is miles away. All we've had here so far is a shitload of smoke the other day.

Pop over to Steve's for a photo of just how smoky it was here.

Victorian Bushfires February 2009

Peats Ridge (dot near Woy Woy) is nothing compared to what's happening in Victoria. The death toll there is now (6.30pm) being reported on the ABC as 65 people. That's more than four times the amount of people we usually lose in a bad weekend of bushfires.

The situation is still pretty unclear, as it always is with disasters, but there are 3 or 4 small towns being reported as almost completely gone.

The worst part is some of the fires were deliberately lit. Australia is a very dry country. Bushfire is one of our most devasting disasters. People who deliberately light fires should turn themselves in.

Bushfire disaster: 'We all grieve with you' (ABC)

Bushfires rage in Victoria (SMH)

Army called in to help battle Victorian bushfires (The Australian)

Marysville destroyed by Victorian bushfires (The Australian)

$10m bushfire relief fund, Army on way (ABC)

"People affected by the Victorian bushfires will be able to apply for payments as part of a $10 million disaster relief fund set up by the Federal Government.

The money will go to people who were seriously injured or hospitalised, and to those who have lost their homes.

Eligible adults will receive $1,000, and an additional $400 payment will be made per child."

Victorian bushfire info line 1800 240 667 (for infomation on relatives and friends missing in the fires)

Salvos Bushfire Appeal

"Donations can be made to The Salvation Army Disaster Relief fund by calling 13 Salvos (137258) or by going online to" (Direct link to donation page)

Bendigo Bank Bushfire Appeal (online donation form)

Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.


michael said...

the death toll is now 108 very sad indeed

apprently there was a fire somewhere at the back of umina on friday night thats why there was all that smoke around here

Spike said...

Dreading turning on the telly tonight to hear what it's got to.

I think it was at the tip again or near there. A mate says the fieries went hairing up that way.