Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Donate Blood

(It's raining here so don't worry about Woy Woy bloggers going up in flames.)

Victoria needs your blood.

Register online or at 13 14 95 to donate blood for bushfire burns victims.

The Red Cross is asking that first time donors register and wait for the call as your blood is needed.

Is your blood healthy enough to donate? Online quiz here

"About 20,000 people have called to give blood in the past three days. Ordinarily, the service would expect 120 donations in that time. Blood stocks are yet to dip below adequate, but the service is reiterating the need to maintain donations over the coming months.

"People's donations will be more valuable in the coming weeks and months for burns victims," the service's spokesman, James Aanensen, said. "Having said that, the response we've had from the public has been extraordinary."" (SMH)

Register online or at 13 14 95 to donate blood for bushfire burns victims.

Beware of bogus charities, donors warned

"[T]he Australian Competition and Consumer Commission warned of fraudulent charities taking advantage of the country's generosity. Police in Queensland were investigating two reports of fraudulent collection, offences that carry sentences of five years' jail.

The commission reminded the public of the counterfeit websites and street collections in the wake of the Boxing Day tsunami. "Not only do these scams cost people money, they also divert much needed donations away from legitimate charities and causes." the commission's chairman," Graeme Samuel, said."

Donate money online to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal or at 1800 811 700

Map of fires stll burning

Police fear 300 dead in the ashes

How to help

Red Cross 1800 811 700 or go to

Salvation Army 137 258 or go to

NAB relief fund 136 622

Register online or at 13 14 95 to donate blood to bushfire burns victims.

To donate through Myer, visit a store's service desk

Donations of clothes and household goods to the Salvation Army, Brotherhood of St Laurence, St Vincent de Paul or the Red Cross

(Be aware they need cash more right now and the telly is saying they have enough clothes and goods.)

Not missing?

The Red Cross needs to tick you off its list. Ring 1800 727 077 and they can tell your family, friends and neighbours you're alive and well.


James said...

Living here in the states about all we can do is give money to help those who were victims of this horrific disaster.
We even gave money to Zoo Victoria to help the animals.Were all from planet earth!

Spike said...

Thank you very much.