Friday, January 26, 2007

Suburbs & towns

Haven't updated my walkies map for a bit so here it is, updated to walks completed and in progress, January 2007. The orange outline is my target area, the solid orange is completed targets. I started in March 2005 and I'll complete all the walks in the outline within a year probably.

Walkies map January 2007

The blank islands are uninhabited and have no roads. The green lines are landscape contours lines indicating hills and ridges.

Brisbane Water is part of Broken Bay. The Broken Bay heads are Box Head (BW side) and Barrenjoey Head (Sydney side). The other two parts of Broken Bay are Pittwater (between Barrenjoey Head and the Ku-ring-gai) and the Hawkesbury River.

Below are all the names of my walkies targets, clockwise, around the Woy Woy Peninsula and around Brisbane Water, the estuary Woy Woy is on.

[W] after a name means I've walked it.
[PW] after a name means I've walked part of it.
* after a name means it's an old or semi-official name for an area or it's an inhabited landscape feature like a bay or beach.

Woy Woy Peninsula:
(clockwise from station)
Woy Woy (station) [W]
Blackwall [W]
Orange Grove [W]
Booker Bay [W]
Ettalong [W]
Umina [W], Ocean Beach* [W] & Umina Beach* [W]
Pearl Beach [W]
Patonga [W], Dark Corner* [W] & Brisk Bay* [W]
Umina again
Woy Woy South [W] /Correa Bay* [W]

Brisbane Water suburbs & towns:
(clockwise from Woy Woy)
Horsfield Bay (Deadmans Bay) [W]
Phegans Bay [W]
Woy Woy Bay [W]
Parks Bay* [W]
Koolewong /Murphys Bay* [W]
Tascott [W]
Noonan Point* [W]
Point Clare [W]
Fagans Bay [W]
West Gosford [PW]
Gosford [PW]
Point Frederick (Longnose) [W]
Caroline Bay* [W]
East Gosford [PW] & Peeks Point* [W]
Springfield [PW]
Erina [PW]
Ironbark Point*
Rocky Point*
Green Point
Yattalunga [PW]
Saratoga [PW]
Davistown [PW]
Yattalunga again
Kincumber [PW]
Kincumber South [PW]
Empire Bay [PW]
St Huberts Island [W]
Daleys Point [W]
Fishermans Bay* [W]
Killcare & Putty Beach*
Hardys Bay
Pretty Beach
Kourung Gourong Point*
Lobster Beach*

Okay, we're all caught up now.

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