Saturday, December 12, 2009

Filthy dirty filking

(Random hung-over, Christmas-party fueled whingeing & filking*)

Christmas Bush AKA Ceratopetalum apetalum, Ettalong NSW December 2009

O Christmas bush
O Christmas bush
O Cerapetalum apetalum

In New South Wales at Christmas time
You come out in December heat

O Christmas bush
O Christmas bush
O Cerapetalum apetalum

With petals red and orange too
Only after pollination

O Christmas bush
O Christmas bush
O Cerapetalum apetalum

There's also Cerapetalum gummiferum which is the same until you get up close and see the leaves are arranged differently. And the gummiferum is pretty tall and "during World War II it provided the butts for all rifles made in Australia". Huh.

Off to my fourth Christmas party this week this arvo. May not survive. Normally I avoid office parties like the fucking plague but I called in a lot of favours this year and the payback is showing up as stand-in date. The next person to offer me a mince pie is dead.

Local linkage

Bike bunnies do Umina

Dickhead factor rockets during school holidays

Woy Woy as was

Love the photos and stories of old Woy Woy in the local rag. Woy Woy Steve is back writing them again and Fred Landman and Keith Whitfield are regulars and I've got one from June 2009 by Bruce Richards.

Sometimes the old buildings they talk about, old cinemas and milk bars and so forth, are gone now and sometimes they're just re-invented but I can usually see where they were or their remnants are. Adds a whole new depth to my walkies to have personal histories tied to the streets and buildings of my town.

Keep writing, guys.

Christmas story re-visited

How the angel got on top of the tree (click 'n' scroll)

Want my thingy in yer whatsit?

I'm off for Xmas. Off away from the madding crowd to a place where the bush turkeys roam free.

I'll be back ab-o-u-t ... Let's call it mid January. The 16th. Yeah.

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    Have yerselves a merry little Xmas.

    * Filking ain't really dirty. I mentioned it to a Dear Old Thing one day and she reacted like it was a very naughty swear-word and now when I say it I get a naughty little thrill. It's that thing where you replace some or all of the words of an existing tune with your own words, like I did with Oh Christmas Tree. Go filk yerself (with links).

    Anonymous said...

    Have yourself a good Christmas.

    michael said...

    have a good christmas and see you when you get back
    by the way the link for the local rag is not working

    Spike said...

    Anon, you too mate. Ta.

    Michael, you too mate and a happy New Year with blue fireworks.

    Re link: Peninsula News. Howzat?

    GIS mapping companies said...
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    Inexplicable DeVice said...

    Mm. Catchy lyrics.

    Have a great holiday. Bah, Humbug and all that.

    Ron Bloomquist said...

    So, just how long is vacation down under?

    It's fucking 2010 already!

    Spike said...


    *points to brand new post*


    Anonymous said...

    Spike, I am writing in August 2010. Your blog in August 2010 does not seem to be working properly so I went to google, put in 'this isn't sydney 2005' and worked my way thru to this section, which is okay. any chance of fixing the problem or is it on my side? best wishes.

    Spike said...

    Dear Anon,

    Blooger seems to be having some sort of fit or perhaps it took something given to it in a club.

    Anyways. Since the new design thingy, there's been weirdness with the no-linky thing.

    Theories to date:

    1. Mice

    2. Fairies

    3. Someone dropped a teaspoon in the code one Tuesday morning and has left it too late to admit it.