Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tribute to Vaughn Bode

(Random Woy Woy walkies)

Cheech Wizard Alma Avenue Woy Woy

This is Cheech Wizard. He was the best-known charater of Vaughn Bode. He's on a Bode tribute wall in a lane off Alma Avenue in Woy Woy.

(Locals, Alma Ave is the wee street of small factories and stuff off Trafalgar Ave next to the fire station at the shops.)

Tribute to Vaughn Bode Alma Avenue Woy Woy

Bode was an American artist who did underground comics, graphic design and graffiti. He died in 1975 at 33. His most well-known character was Cheech Wizard.

Red wizard guy & pissed-off green creature graffitti Alma Avenue Woy Woy

Part of the Tribute to Vaughn Bode wall.

The green creature on the left might be Razzberry, the offsider of Cheech Wizard.

Graffitti wall Alma Avenue Woy Woy

Left end of the mural. Rest of the mural.

Pensive guy Alma Avenue Woy Woy

Robot guy Alma Avenue Woy Woy

My favourite.

Bonus photos

Other murals & (good) graffitti around Woy Woy

Gallery at Bode's homepage (on his son's site)

Bode on Wiki

Cheech Wizard & Razzberry

Other tributes to Bode

Local Linkage

The local ferries crowd has their new newsletter out with the footy ferry and timetables and stuff. Go here.

Nice bit of info about Rileys Island from a bloke whose family was one of its many owners. Ta, mate. (Scroll down to Duncan's comment.)

Righto, that's yer lot for the week. My ride is here.


Steve said...

Nice pics I ain't been down that lane for yonks , someone sprayed a dalek on a bus shelter at Kincumber a while back and I didn't manage to get a pic before it was cleaned off !

michael said...

i live just around the corner from alma avenue

Spike said...

Ta, Stevo. Pity they cleaned off that dalek. I like a bit of good graffitti.

So yer do, Michael, round in the W streets yeah?

Evil spam person, exterminate! Exterminate!

michael said...

no but very close to one of them i will have have to have a look at this wall tommorow i am putting my car in for a service in alma avenue

by the way your comment section has disappeared on your latest post

Unknown said...


I'm the chief editor of a French small press. Legendary artist Vaughn Bodé was quite popular back in the 70s, in France. And we plan to introduce a new generation of readers to his work. So we just launched a crowdfunding initiative to publish a bilingual edition of Bodé's "Das Kampf". We could use some publicity!
Here is the page describing the project:

Do tell me if you want to no more about this project!