Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Golden knobs

(Random walkies)

Bloody light's still no bloody good for photos and I'm still working my arse off. Dug these up from the archives.

Very weird banksia cobs

Very weird banksia cobs seen in Picnic Parade Ettalong last month.

They look deformed. Lovely golden colour though.

Banksia flower cone

Normal cone. Not the very same variety of Banksia but close enough.

Very Weird banksia cobs close-up

The deformed ones again. The brown one is the seed cob. It's got some knobs and some normal pods on it.

This afternoon storms every day thing has been going on for a couple of weeks now. But it can't last forever. Will be enough light for photos again soon.

8 4 random things about me

Got tagged by Device dear.

1. Somewhere around the 12th drink I talk like a chipmunk for 10 minutes then pop outside for a spew and a little lie down.

2. I like aeroplane jelly.

3. But not vegemite. Yeah, I know, I have to give my Stralyan Card back now.

4. I have a mole in a conversation-halting place.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

I hope you don't lie in your spew?

And this 'conversation halting' place: Your tongue? Vocal chords? Lips? I'm sure I can't think of anywhere else it could be...

Spike said...

Usually I've got enough brain cells left to roll out the way. Usually.