Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lightning & overtime


Some poor tourist copped it up at Terrigal the other night. Struck by lightning. Terrigal's 20 minutes up the road from here. Popular tourist spot, what with the lagoon and the beach. Anyways, it was storms and strikes galore, as it has been all week, and not the ideal time for fishing.

The Herald says she was "standing in ankle-deep water watching her boyfriend fish" and says she was "walking between her boyfriend and a friend, who were holding fishing rods". They're both sure she was at Terrigal Beach.

Cool lightning photos


Had to pop into the supermarket at lunchtime. Argh. Forgot it was pension day. All the Dear Old Things were out in force and the stress of Christmas makes the rate of Senior Moments about 4 per hundred yards. I weaved and dodged and shifted their trolleys for them when they forgot where they were, removed some blasted sprog's sticky hand from where it latched onto my trousers, grabbed an armful of frozen pizzas and buggered off out of there.

No,wait, the sub-heading of this bit is Overtime not Trolley Rage. My brain is fried from doing overtime. Walkies tomorrow. Providing it's not pissing down or lightning striking.


Spike said...


Ball lightning chasing a car

michael said...

we were lucky here at woy woy we just copped the tail end of that storm but it looks like we might get some more this arvo

god i hate shopping at this time of year went shopping in woolies yesterday morning - its practically an obstacle course with people leaving their trolleys in the middle of the aisle and the staff leaving boxes piled up right where you want to get something off the shelf, also went to Erina fair last night just as packed!!!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Gah! Shopping in December is always horrendous.

I must look into some way of generating localised lightning to cull the random shoppers.

P.S. Very pretty pictures - Thank you for the links.

Spike said...

Michael, bloody lucky. How about them big hail stones! I wouldn't live in Sydney for quids.

Device dear, pls send 20 gross of portable lightning strikes by urgent delivery.

Yer welcome.

The pair of you
I have purchased bright green earplugs for myself and a packet of large sticking plasters to slap over the gobs of the more obnoxious of my fellow shoppers.

Failing that, I plan to hide under the bed until it's all over.

michael said...

thank god we didnt get those huge hailstones we dont usually get huge storms in this area

Spike said...

Shit yeah. Them 80 mm ones made mincemeat of Sydney.

We are astute buggers choosing to live where the storms hardly touch us.