Thursday, March 06, 2008

Fagans Bay

Nameless Cove in Fagans Bay on Brisbane Water

Fagans Bay is a small bay up near Gosford, one of Brisbane Water's many bays. It's a bit of a forgotten place. Even some of the people who live around it don't know what it's called.

This photo shows a small cove in Fagans Bay. The bay is fringed with mangroves and has a mangrove islet within it. It's a haven for ducks and lovely to walk round.

Woy Woy to Gosford Cycleway

Only dog walkers and cyclists really notice it as they go along the cycleway. You can't really see it from the road, except on the Pacific Highway overpass next to the footy stadium.

Fagans Bay

I've walked round it but never mapped it and I know how much you buggers are liking the maps, so here it is.

Fagans Bay & Phegans Bay

Fagans Bay is the banana-shaped bay at the top with the two red dots.
Phegans Bay is down the bottom left with one red dot. It is the home of the lovely pink house Minerva.

Red Cow Inn

A few hundred yards from Fagans Bay is Fagan's pub, the old Red Cow Inn. Peter Fagan owned it and Henry Kendall hung out there.

Narara Creek West Gosford

Narara Creek goes under Henry Kendall Bridge/the Pacific Highway and on into Fagans Bay. Just round that corner and yer in the bay. The kayaker, on the left, will be there in a minute.

Fagans Bay

He can paddle around amid the ducks on the calm waters of Fagans Bay or venture out into Brisbane Water and paddle down towards Woy Woy.

Sorry and Sydney history

A snippet of info about the start of Sydney.

In 1788 the First Fleet and its load of English convicts and marines arrived.

It was summer and there were plenty of fish in the harbour. The Eora, the Aboriginal people of Sydney Cove, shared their catch with the funny-looking strangers.

Then winter came and the fish stock was low, as usual. The strangers hadn't left and they were taking all the fish.

The Eora took some of the fish away from the strangers. The strangers came after them with their guns and also shot some kangaroos, which were an important source of winter meat for the Eora. The Eora took a goat, a sheep and a few lambs from the strangers' camp. The strangers came after them with their guns again.

Relations went downhill from there.


Blabberon said...

You must have a tripod and an excellent camera. Your photos are like paintings!

Great blue sky colors.

Great colors. Period!


Spike said...

Thank yer, kind sorr.

I look at peeps like Cade and Nelson Blue and think how feeble my efforts are.

Your own photos are not to be sneezed at, mind. Particularly yer beachscapes.

Woy Woy Steve said...

Have you been up the hill at Gosford to Kendalls Corner , there is / was / should be a memorial to him on the side of the road at his old favourite spot near a waterfall which was turned into a drain for the newest road down the hill into West Gosford in the 80's
p.s for the mapaholics theres a post in the Woy Woy Files forum with links to all my old town maps - help yerselves :)

Spike said...

Still haven't been there myself. Keep passing it and not stopping. I heard there was a plaque to Kendall on or near his favourite sitting-on rock.

Is that patch of golden wattles up there on the hillside at Kendall's Rock?