Saturday, December 06, 2008

Give me the Southerly or give me death

Jetty building platforms near Woy Woy Public Wharf

Jetty building platform boats at Woy Woy Wharf a few weeks ago.

It is bloody hot and bloody sticky. Got to 34 and about 300% humidity. I am irritable and miserable. We were promised a nice cool Southerly and so far there's been fuck all.

Have you seen this dog?

Have you seen this dog

These signs and others are still up all around Woy Woy.

Sanji has been missing since the 9th of November. She is part of the husky team that pulls Santa's sleigh to shopping centres and old people's homes.

Reward for her safe return. Phone 4341 2684/040 504 3306.

Full text of notice

Local Linkage

Tascott is now on facebook. It has photos and a cocky video. That's a video of a cockatoo not a video with an excess of self-confidence.

Right. I'm off. It is my intention to climb into a bath of icy cold beer armed only with a straw.


michael said...

i was up at woy woy wharf on tuesday night I was going to hang around and take some photos off the wharf but there were these dickheads in a rather nice looking boat that was parked at the wharf they were having a big fight on board the boat so i decided not to stick around there so i took some photos of one of the oscar trains instead

it was really humid on the friday night i was listneing to the 11pm news on the radio and they said it was 100% humidity then. the southerly did get here yeasterday but not until the late afternoon

Spike said...

friday night ... 100% humidity

Doesn't surprise me. It was ghastly.