Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Smiley face in the sky

Bonus post. Once in a lifetime event. Next appearing in Southern skies in 2036 or something.

Smiley face conjunction 1st Dec 2008

Taken by a mate in Sydney.

Saw it here too but it didn't show up on my pissy camera. Here it was clearly visible through a light mist of cloud. A big cosmic smiley face up there in the sky. Glorious.

"[O]n Monday (1 December 2008) there will be a spectacular conjunction between the two planets Venus and Jupiter and the crescent Moon. Though the conjunction will be impressive from anywhere in the world, it will only smile on Australia and Australian longitudes almost in the form of a “smiley” emoticon. From the USA, for instance, the conjunction will be in the form of an upside down sad face."

Venus, Jupiter and the Moon: a smiley face in the sky (has photos)

December 2008 night sky guide and podcast

Another Sydney photo


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michael said...

I saw the smiley face as i was driving home through Mangrove Mountain I pulled over and took a photo using my mobile phone I dont think it turned out really good I tried again when i got back to woy woy but again i dont think it turned out properly but that a great photo of it you have up here I hope we can see it again tonight

Inexplicable DeVice said...


I saw it as I was walking home this afternoon. Obviously, it wasn't a smiley face from here in Blighty (and I guessed it was Venus & Mars, not Jupiter), but still quite lovely.

Spike said...

Michael, did you see it again on Tues night? I missed it but it was supposed to be a bit wonky by then anyways.

Device dear, it was magical and weird to see a smiley face up there in the night sky. The Host will simply have to buy you an airline ticket down here when it comes back in 200 and whatever.

michael said...

yeah i did see it tuesday night but it was upside down this time the moon was on top and the planets underneath so if you wouldve turned it the right way up it wouldve been a frowny face

Spike said...

Bummer. Still it was excellent while it lasted.