Saturday, November 29, 2008

A few of my favourite things

These are my favourites of my own photos. Been meaning to show you these for a bit. Hold yer pointer over a photo to see its title.

Gymea Lilly

Dingy at Rawson Road jetty

Cedar Crescent Woy Woy

Dingy at Wagstaffe Wharf Mulhall Street Wagstaffe

Blackwall Point jetty Woy Woy

Box Head Blue

Whalers Tunnel under the Round House Arthur Head Fremantle

Entrance of St Paul's Avoca Drive Kincumber

Paperbark Forest Kerrawah Blvd Woy Woy

1951 Morris J Van

The Rip Bridge from Daley Avenue Daleys Point

Beach Steps

Took yonks to trim that lot down from 30 to 13 pictures. I've taken heaps more good pictures than I realised.

Rumour has it

Apparently some tool wants to build a 7-storey building in Peaceful Downtown Hardys Bay.

That would be fugly.

Local linkage

Some interesting local photos at Blu Ocean Imagery

Onya Stevo

Woy Woy Steve has got himself in the local rag again. Full page article on the hieroglypics up at Kariong. Read all about it.

There's also a snippet from him about the gateway to the lost Egyptian civilisation at Kariong and an older post about the hieroglyphs and other local strangeness.


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