Saturday, November 08, 2008

Venice Road

(Pretty Beach walkies #2)

Finished Pretty Beach in two walkies. One in May last year and one in October this year (2008). Pretty Beach is not a big town. It's barely a town at all. Doesn't even have its own pub. Or even a corner shop with pies and newspapers. Just seven streets, two private schools and a public wharf.

Rock Oysters Araluen Drive Hardys Bay

Rock Oysters abound on the Brisbane Water. Every wet rock, every jetty, every old bit of wharf is covered in them.

Pretty Beach is just across the water from the Woy Woy Peninsula. Go down to the Ettalong ferry wharf (in Ferry Road) and look across to Wagstaffe and Hardys and it's in between them. (Map)

Hardys Bay

No trailer needed

To get to Pretty Beach, get the Cockatoo ferry from Woy Woy in the school holidays, or get onto Wards Hill Road off Empire Bay Drive opposite Palmers Lane and follow the signs to Hardys Bay. Then go down into Hardys and onto Heath Road and yer in Pretty Beach when you see the primary school.

Pretty Beach

Native flowers on a small native tree on the waterfront. The tree looked like a tea tree except for these flowers.

Venice Road Pretty Beach

The house on the right is yer average house as seen around Brisbane Water. The one on the left is not. Looks very stylish in a rather sixties way. Can't find a precise style for it in my architecture book so we'll just say 1960s. It's in Venice Road Pretty Beach behind the tennis courts.

Venice Road Pretty Beach

Hakea or grevillea. I'm back to forgetting which. Venice Road Pretty Beach.

Michael's bits

Michael's got some nice local photos over on his Flickr. I particularly like these three views from Killcare.

And there's a lovely sunny picture of the Codock punting past Wagstaffe on some stranger's Flickr.

How cool is America now?

Onya, 'Mericans! You voted in the black guy. Now yer cool enough to play with the cool kids.

Australia's cool because our Prime Minister officially apologised for being evil to the blackfellas.

So did Canada's so they're cool.

New Zealand is cool because they got a girl Prime Minister.

England's cool because they had a girl Prime Minister, even if she was pretty scary.

And we're going to be even cooler when we vote in either the rock star, the redhead, the chick (same person as the redhead) or the poofter.

Peter Garrett Julia Gillard Bob Brown
(Wiki Creative Commons)

......Peter Garrett..................Julia Gillard.......................Bob Browne


michael said...

as of today New Zealand no longer has a girl prime minister!!!

I have updated my flickr photos again with more photos I took when I was in the city yesterday I tried to seperate my photos into sets but I found out that I am only allowed 3 sets (I wanted more than that) because I am on a free account so I had to leave everything the way it is I am also in the process of sorting out the tags on my photos

Erica said...

I am LOL at your very PC descriptions, cool!

Ron Bloomquist said...



Thanks for the comment!

I'm happy also!


Spike said...

Michael, they can no longer play with the cool kids and will have to eat their lunch alone.

Bummer. The pro ccounts are pretty cheap but. $30 Aust last time I paid. Fuck knows what though with the yo-yo'ing exchange rate.

Erica, :)

Ron, no need to guess how you voted!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

What a great idea the No-trailer-needed boat is!

We need our girl prime minister back again to sort out this millenium's ridiculous politicians. Yes she was a scary old hatchet-face, but she had great hair and a fab line in two pieces.

Spike said...

Device dear, it needs only a headband in the prow and one could transport it no hands. Not very stylish it's true but how convenience!

And she had better legs that your current unmemorable one.

Alternatively, you guys should vote in Dr Who. He looks good in a frock.