Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bustling Downtown Pretty Beach

(Pretty Beach walkies #1)

To get to Pretty Beach, follow the signs on Wards Hill Road or get the Codock from Woy Woy Wharf. Get off at Hardys Bay and follow Araluen Drive to the track or get off at Wagstaffe, go left at the shop along Wagstaff Avenue and left into Pretty Beach Road and Bob's yer uncle. (Map)

Pretty Beach has eight streets. That's two more than Wagstaffe. On the other hand, Wagstaffe has a shop and Pretty Beach has none, not a one.

Pretty Beach Road Pretty Beach

1950s house on Pretty Beach Road. The only thing missing from this place is a cactus in the front garden. Otherwise, it's got everything. Those great windows, the original colours (and probably the original paint) there on the eaves, the mismatching vents lending quirk, the deckchairs on the veranda, the old wooden doors on the garage, the classic painted tyres as verge markers.

Pretty Beach Road Pretty Beach.

Pretty Beach Road Pretty Beach

This place is also genuine fifties I think. It's right next to the place above. The reno is hardly sympathetic but they've make good use of what was there and that nice big balcony makes the most of the view across the water to Ettalong.

Pretty Beach Road Pretty Beach.

Pretty Beach Road Pretty Beach

The ubiquitous mangroves, dingies and a dunny.

Dingy pile II Pretty Beach Road Pretty Beach

You can never have too many photos of dingies.

Bustling Downtown Pretty Beach

Pretty Beach's throbbing town centre. Crowded, isn't it? It's got a boat ramp, a jetty, a resting place for indolent dingies, a beach, public baths (sea bath), a fish gutting table, a sign exhorting slowcoaches to get a wriggle on and a public loo. What more could one ask?


"5 MIN


GCC is of course Gosford City Council, them what reigns over us here on Brisbane Water.

Pretty Beach Road Pretty Beach

Going to rack and ruin but still a lovely old house. Good spot too, gazing dreamily across the sandbars to Ettalong.

Next to it a new house was being built and this one is not likely to last long. Pity, it lends its dreamy ambience to the whole of Pretty Beach's waterfront. Pop along and see it before it goes.

These photos are the whole of Pretty Beach's waterfront, by the way. It's maybe a hundred yards long.

Pretty Beach

Left to right: Booker Bay Road Ettalong, Mount Pleasant (Saratoga) in the background and Fishermans Bay/Daleys Point.

In the foreground is the start of the track through to Hardys Bay.

Araluen Drive track from Pretty Beach to Hardys Bay

Track from Pretty Beach to Hardys Bay. Popular dog walking spot and the quickest way to Hardys. On the right is mangroves and the water, on the right, up that breakneck slope, is houses on Heath Road. Most of them have kayaks in their back garden. How'd you be just hopping over the back fence with yer kayak under yer arm, just off for an early morning paddle? Bliss.

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