Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Floating life

(Hardys Bay walkies #2)

Hardys Bay is across the water from Ettalong, the suburb of the Woy Woy Peninsula where the Palm Beach ferry docks. It's on the Bouddi Peninsula along with Wagstaffe, Pretty Beach, Putty Beach, Lobster Beach, Box Head and Killcare. (Map)

Hardys is chockers with wooden boats. Today's lot are a fraction of what's there.

Bellbird Star Hardys Bay

Bellbird Star moored off the public jetty at Hardys Bay. Looking smart in her fresh paint.

Alma & Bellbird Star Hardys Bay

And here she is again with her friend Alma. Love that little flourish over Alma nameplate.

Two boats in Hardys Bay

Don't know the names of these two. They were just pleasing to the eye. They were moored next to the Bellbird and Alma.

Those houses in the background are on Araluen Drive Hardys Bay and the aptly named Pretty Beach is on the other side of the ridge and Wagstaffe beyond it.

White launch Hardys Bay

Is this a launch? My knowledge of boats is restricted to knowing which end goes forward (the pointy one). Moored near the public jetty at Hardys Bay.

Lady Kendall II & green yacht in Hardys Bay
(To the embiggulator!)

Lady Kendall II (the ferry) and a green yacht in Hardys Bay. The green yacht (right of centre) is very interesting. I've never seen a design like that before.

I like this view. The ridges make a lovely composition of earth, water and sky and the sun haze softens the ridges and makes Koolewong and Point Clare in the background look like far away mountains.

Skinny house Wagstaff Avenue Wagstaffe

Is the house in the middle there the narrowest house on Brisbane Water? Might be a couple of inches wider than this one in Woy Woy.

Wagstaff Avenue Wagstaffe. The blue house on the left you saw Monday, it's the holiday rental beside the Wagstaffe Wharf.


Sorrento House Sorrento Road Empire Bay

Got a photo of this one just in time. The bulldozers have been at work and its gone now. In its place there will be some of the most generic and boring luxury units I've ever laid eyes on. That's them on the sign.

It was Sorrento House Sorrento Road Empire Bay. Previously blogged.

Today I was going to have a good crow about how more Australians win the Nobel Prize than any other nation, including America. This is particularly smirk-worthy in the light of America's population being more than 10 times bigger than Australia's.

However, I'll keep my crowing to a minimum out of respect for those poor bastards who copped it yesterday at Virginia Tech.


Pattie UK. said...

Lemonpeel Cottage looks great
a great place for a holiday
In answer to an earlier question
yes walk quite a lot..usually along the water front kooleong to tascott and back on the upper road...thats the early morning stroll......good for sunrise photies.....and to watch the early morning fishermen....
Might see you there one day..who knows.....but not

Inexplicable DeVice said...

This may be because I'm hungry, but the Bellbird Star looks like it's made of cake.

You'd better watch it in case Fuckkit gets a whiff!

Spike said...

Pattie - Go along the cycle path from Tascott to Point Clare roundabout. The path ducks down there somewhere, into Alukea Avenue or Karrawa Avenue. Follow it along to TS Hawkesbury for lovely morning views of Gosford and Longnose.

Device dear - Ta for the warning! Have erected a Fuckkit-proof fence.

ozzi said...

Found this searching for "wooden boats". Love the pics, old putt-putt boats are a favourite.

Spike said...

Thank yer.

There's nothing like old putt-putt boats. They take you away from the hurly burly.

Candace said...

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