Friday, April 27, 2007

Fairlight to Fagans Bay

Got up in time for lunch today. Made a sandwich, bunged it on a plate, sat down in front of it and nearly chundered. The guts are playing me up again. Spent the last two nights on the bloody loo in a jumper. Am thoroughly shat off.

On the upside, it's good weather for staying indoors and sleeping. The sky is a uniform undercoat grey and it's just the right temperature for laying on the sofa under a quilt swearing at the crap on TV.

Woy Woy to Gosford Cycleway

Went walkies at Point Clare last week. Off Brisbane Water Drive between the Point Clare roundabout and Fagans Park, down Collard Road, into Welwyn Avenue past Fairlight and left beside the underpass at the bottom of the street.

The cycleway goes from next to Woy Woy Wharf along the west side of Brisbane Water past Koolewong, Tascott, Point Clare, Fagans Bay and West Gosford and finishes in Gosford at the sailing club on Masons Parade. It's the route of the Woy Woy to Gosford Bay to Bay fun run and I'll be walking it again this year.

Hole in tree

Just for pretty. A tree near the path.

Garden, Cycleway & Fagans Bay

Some people's gardens come right down to the path. With the backyards being so close to the path, resident dogs have plenty of cyclists and walkers to bark at all day.

That's Fagans Bay in the background.

The flowers I thought were rhododendrons but apparently they're not. I'm buggered if I know what they are then. I see the buggers everywhere and I've been calling them rhododendrons all this time.

Bromeliads beside Woy Woy to Gosford Cycleway

These I know are bromeliads. One of the Dear Old Things downstairs has got a tiny greenhouse crammed to the brim with the buggers. Quite spectacular some of them are.

Okay. I'm going to settle down under the quilt and watch the Antiques Roadshow.


diana said...

hi spike
your rhododendrons are cannas. rhododendrons are much nicer. hope the tummy troubles are over soon, if not then you could search for pectrolyte - hopefully its available here. I'll send details to your email address.

michael said...

hey spike

hope you are feeling better soon
i'm off to watch my 15 year old nephew play footy this afternoon at woy woy

Spike said...

Diana - Canna lillies? Always wondered what they looked like.

Got the email thank yer, lurking in my spam folder.

Michael - Here's hoping his team won. What code does he play?

The pair of you - Ta muchly for the get well wishes. Appreciated.

michael said...

he plays rugby league for umina under 16's unfortunately his game got cancelled because the ground at the oval was still boggy because of all the rain we had,but theres always this saturday i think he is playing at umina so i will go and watch him then

Spike said...

Bummer. Gouldburn can't play footy because their ground's too dry, Woy Woy can't play for the opposite.

michael said...

hopefully by this weekend the oval at umina wont be like that and the game can go ahead
not sure who his team is playing this weekend but they were going to play woy woy last saturday

Pattie UK said...

ohhhh Im a happy bunny
walk this way so often..and will again in november.......thanks spike...
great photos........

Spike said...

Michael - Oughta be dry enough this weekend with this warm. Winter last week, summer this. Bugger off El Nino!

Pattie - Yer wlecome. I also recommend getting the Codock to Wagstaffe, walking through to Hardys for a cake at the corner kaff on the waterfront. You can get the Codock back.