Friday, April 13, 2007

Play Misty for me

Went off at six this morning on my walkies. Dawn wander around the local streets sans camera. It was lovely. It was nice and nippy, perfect tracky daks weather and my nose tingled in the cold for the first few minutes. The light of an overcast dawn was soft grey and the kookaburras were starting their morning chuckles. If I wasn't such a lazy bed-loving bugger I'd do more autumn dawn walkies.

The sky was overcast most of the morning but I got some more blue-sky photos from Davistown:

Misty moored at Davistown

Misty. Never in all my walkies at and ferry trips to Davistown have I seen anyone on this boat. I suspect it's someone's holiday cottage. She's moored off Paringa Avenue and Illoura Reserve.

Restella Avenue Davistown

Restella Avenue. The style of this place I'm going to put down as Fishing Shack (circa 1900 - c. 1940). The left hand part of the house, the roof with the 1980s Federation bits on it, is an old fishing shack/holiday house/starter home I think.

Then there's been a few add-ons since then. If we look closely at the middle section of the house we can see what looks like a second veranda roof behind the bullnosed (curved) veranda roof. See it? Then behind that a two-storey roofline. The two-storey roofline suggests to me a second storey was added onto the back of the first add-on. I don't think that is a second veranda but a single-storey add-on.

Looking at the width of the weatherboard on the walls, I'd say the weatherboard went on in the 1970s with the two-storey add-on. The carport looks seventies as well. Then the bullnose veranda either in the 1980s when the Federation bits went on and then the angled two-storey roof at the right in the last few years.

The garden I'm putting down as mainly seventies and eighties with most of it, including the palms, going in in the seventies.

Paringa Avenue Davistown

Paringa Avenue. This one isn't on my hist list but I'm bunging it in Federation (circa 1890 - c. 1915). It looked the right age in the flesh, the chimney fits well enough, the flattened X pattern of the veranda railings fits and the general shape fits, in an Arts & Crafts way.

The leadlight door is rather pleasant. The light was in just the right part of the sky to catch it. I think it might be genuine. I'm no expert on leadlight but it doesn't look like one of those 1980s-90s repro jobs. Those ripply panels look too real. I'll put ten bucks on it being Art Deco. Which either puts the house at the end of the Federation period and into the beginning of the Inter War period, or puts the door added on later.

Paringa Avenue Davistown

It's nice and sunny and warm again this afternoon. I'm off to the balcony.


Anonymous said...

Hello Spike
thanks for the welcome back
Its great to be walking the central coast with you again
Im hoping we shall be over in November...and can see it all for real once more....
your photos are stunning...
and make my day...
Bye the way.....are you fully recovered now??
See you

Aesthetic said...

That balcony of yours sounds darn good. Mine is too...I should remember to use it more often.

Spike said...

Pattie - Do you get much walkies done yourself when you're here?

Thank yer kindly.

I'm still on the road to recovery. It's long and winding road but the scenery is good :)

Aesthetic - Sun drenched my balcony is. An absolute glory in this warm sun and it makes a lovely storm-watcher's ampitheatre as well.

You definitely oughta use yours more. Nice lounging-on chair, beach umbrella, milk crate upon which to place one's beer and Bob's yer uncle.