Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Leonora Avenue

(Davistown walkies #4)

Davistown foreshore & Mount Pleasant Saratoga

Low tide, slouching photographer. Nice place to sit for a bit though. Davistown foreshore at Leonora Avenue, looking west-north-west to Saratoga's Mount Pleasant.

Lovely warm sun today. Blue sky, not much breeze. Wandered about gazing at other people's gardens for a bit then sat under the trees on the foreshore having a bit of a doze. Very pleasant.

Erna Angela Kinns Davistown



Sit awhile and rest your feet
Enjoy the scenery from this seat
For where you are now I loved to be
By the water beneath this tree"

Thanks, Nan. Much appreciated.

There's another memorial seat at Umina Beach. Bob Da Silva's.

Foreshore at Leonora Avenue Davistown

Leonora Avenue house seen from Nan Kinns seat on the foreshore. There's 4 houses in Leonora Avenue listed in my hist list as "'Emoh Ruo' et al. ...6-12 Leonora Avenue Davistown ... c.1915, 1920".

I love these houses with the closed-in verandas. They're the business in a waterfront situation. This one's not in the best nick though. Looks orright in the photo but in the flesh it could do with a bit of work.

Illoura Walk Davistown

I like this park. The fact that you can see right across it to the boats on the other side appeals to the kid in me. It's on the knob of Davistown, the bit of the foreshore/Illoura Walk at the elbow of Malinya Avenue.

Lintern Wharf & Rileys Island from Davistown foreshore

Lintern Wharf and Rileys Island from Davistown foreshore, Daleys Point in the middle background and the two wee hills of Yattalunga in the left background.

Bonus question, or answer, or whatever

Found this:

Codock II & Pelican Island Woy Woy

Nice big picture of the Codock II AKA the Cockatoo ferry leaving Woy Woy Wharf. (Previous post on her)

Okay. I'm off to have a nice lump of carrot cake and a cuppa tea on the balcony. Is autumn the best or what?


kitchen hand said...

Yes, it is the best. My sadness that summer has passed often clouds the fact that autumn is heaven on earth.

Spike said...

Yep. The flowers still blooming, the sun warm not hot. Bliss.