Monday, April 30, 2007


No proper walkies today. Stopped after a couple of hundred yards. I am absolutely buggered. This happens every now and then and is something I'm learning to live with. Thank yer for all the nice get-well-soons.

Banksia cones

This is a banksia tree at Point Clare. Banksias are named after Joseph Banks. Who was the botanist on the Endeavour when Cook came to suss out Australia in 1770. That's 18 years before the first whitefellas came to stay in Australia.

Cook was of course the last captain to tour Australia successfully, as many a cricket fan will tell you.

Banksia cone
(Big one)

Banksia cone off the same tree. The leaves had smooth edges and the flowering cones were bright yellow. Some were going to seed.

Banksia seed cone
(Big one)

Cones gone (left) and going (right) to seed. Off a different tree (saw leaf banksia) but you get the idea. At the top and left of the left cone there's a few opened pods and in the middle a few still unopened.

The left one played the bad guy in Snugglepot & Cuddlepie.

Good banksia photos

Saratoga, Daleys Pt, Woy Woy & Koolewong from Brisbane Water Drive Tascott

This is today. There's a bit of breeze and rain coming up from Sydney but plenty of warm sun to potter about in. Good day for being out and about.

Left to right: Saratoga, Daleys Pt, Woy Woy & Koolewong from Brisbane Water Drive Tascott.


Railway Street Woy Woy144 Railway Street Woy Woy
(Click on them for big versions)

Lorraine AKA 144 Railway Street Woy Woy, has been painted. That's her before photo on the left and her after on the right. I like both versions but she's a damn sight easier to photograph in the new colours. She was built in about 1912 and had a refurbishment several years back.

Another look

How close to the houses was the 2006 New Year's Day fire at Umina? Bloody close as Mark Simpson's photos show.

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