Monday, April 23, 2007


Lovely gloomy day today. The sun's barely had a look in and it's been raining on and off. It's nice and chilly. I've been prancing about in the bedspread worn as a cape, tracky daks and uggs. I did not go walkies in this outfit. The rain would've wrecked my uggs. In fact I did not go walkies at all and instead bring you more of Bustling Downtown Woy Woy.

Gnostic Forest & Cafe The Boulevard Woy Woy

Gnostic Forest & Cafe, The Boulevard.

Not sure of the age of this building. Can't find it at the photos site the library put up. Had a sticky round the back though and it's about the same age as the wee warehouse or whatever the bottom photo used to be.

That's the Old Woy Woy Pub on the left edge of the picture. The old factory is opposite this corner.

Craft's Chambers Chambers Place Woy Woy

Craft's Chambers Chambers Place.

This place is some sort of health centre. Can't tell how old it is. It's had a reno, maybe when it was extended in 2003 but the shape of its front half suggests it's older than that.

Love that wee balcony with the vine slowly engulfing it. The building behind is the back of the pub or the bottle shop, the bizzo under the vine on the left on the picture is the cafe's courtyard (nice sunny niche on an autumn morning) and the footy oval is just out of frame on the right.

Gnostic Organics Chambers Place Woy Woy

Gnostic Organics Chambers Place. I've had a decko at the back of this place and on the grounds of that decko I'm putting it down as circa 1920 and of no particular style.

A fruit & veg shop. Directly opposite Craft's Chambers, next to an op shop (right) and that's the back of Noonan's in the left background.

The Boulevard & Chambers Place Woy Woy

Click on the map for the annotated version.

All the Bustling Downtown Woy Woy photos

Ghost ship

How cool is that deserted yacht mystery? Probably not all that cool for the three blokes missing from it but it's a regular Marie Celeste and makes three. Maybe the water spout got them.


Wednesday's post will be on Thursday and I intend to spend Wednesday playing two-up and getting legless.


Aesthetic said...

Tracky daks and uggs - you dag! Oh I meant that in the nicest possible way ;)

Enjoy two-up and good luck.

The Man at the Pub said...

Where's the Pub for Agnostics?

Weird things happen at sea, but there's a logical explanation. They were probed by aliens. They forgot to wear foil beanies to stop the aliens reading their thoughts.

And the Discworld zombie policeman Reginald Shoe appears in Reaper Man, and then all the books about the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.

Spike said...

Aesthetic - But of course :)

I lost me shirt at the two-up.

Man at the pub - Gosford if I'm not mistaken.

Ah, of course. Those bloody aliens, couple of drinks in them and they're digitising peeps.

Haven't read Reaper Man yet. Only half a dozen Discworlds and Johnny and the Bomb.

Erica said...

are you sure you didn't go out in your bedspread to take these pictures, that would clear the streets, I've never seen old WW so empty! :)

Spike said...

LOL, Erica. It was pretty empty. Everyone buggered off up to Gosford for their parade apparently.