Thursday, May 31, 2007

I will be away for 7-10 days. Probably not any longer.

Family thing. Will spill upon return.

Emails will go unanswered, ditto comments.

Do not worry about me.


Suzanne44 said...

All right, dammit, your ten days are up. So, can we start worrying now? What if you've been washed away in the terrible storms and flooding that I hear have been devastating the Sydney parts of NSW? People getting washed off overpasses and bridges by tsunami like waves, and all that? I hope you were gone when it happened, and I hope if you're back, the thing that's keeping you from checking in with us is just a lack of electricity. Hope you're all right, and you'll let us know if donations of food and blankets and medical supplies are needed -

michael said...

its okay suzanne i live in the same area as spike and we missed most of it there was no flooding here only loss of power in some parts and quite a few trees blown over
it was mainly newcastle and the northern end of the central coast that copped the worst of it and that road collapse was about 10 minute drive away from us


Suzanne44 said...

Thanks, Michael
- glad to hear you're fine as well.


Anonymous said...

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Totally Confused said...

Wait.. Youre telling me the end of civilization is the
Easter Bunny's fault?

Spike said...

Please Miss, I have a note!

Michael, ta. How long was the power out on the Peninsula?

That family that fell down the hole at Somersby was a kick in the guts. Poor buggers.

(BTW, The Peninsular Plaza in Blackwall Road is now the Peninsula Plaza. Probably got sick of letters to the editor about being forwarded to them.)

Anon, thank you. However, a quick spell check and perhaps a little lie down might increase the clarity of your future missives.

Spike said...

LOL Totally Confused, you made more sense of it than I did.

michael said...

the power was out in certain parts for anything up to 3 days my aunt who ives at booker bay didnt get power back until monday afternoon!!!
i was down at umina last saturday morning and the northern side of west st, all the shops were shut ( from Bi Lo down)because they didnt have power and the other side everything was operating as normal because they had power but that was back to normal by sunday night