Friday, May 18, 2007

Grey sky

(Today's photos)

It's raining again now. I stood at the window and watched it come across the rooftops towards me. First the cockies shot up into the sky between showers, screeching loud with their rusty voices, wheeling in flocks of white against the black clouds. Then they disappeared and the ridge misted over with rain and it came across the rooftops like a steady train coming towards me.

I laid in bed this morning until half past eight. It was not much lighter than before dawn and the bed was warm and soft and I could hear a soft shower on the tin roof of next door's garage. Bliss.

This rain got to the farmers. Poor bastards have been gasping for it for yonks and finally it's come. The state is only about 70% in drought now and those who know such things reckon it's going to be a wet winter. El Nino is pissing off and La Nina is coming.

Banksia flowering

There's plenty of flowers still out at this time of year. Banksia seed cones are falling like rain but there's still plenty of flowering cones.

Bottlebrush flower

Golden bottlebrush flowers

Red berries on a European tree

There's a lot of non-native plants in Australian gardens. No idea what this one is but I like the red of the berries.


Sydney's been fogged out twice this week. There was an excellent picture on the telly last night of the top of the fog with just the Sydney Tower and the tops of a couple of other buildings sticking up through it.

We get a bit of Sydney's fogs here. It lays down along the top of the ridges and silences the birds. Wisps of it can still be seen mid-morning, caught in the folds and valleys. Quite beautiful.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Wow! Those Banksias and Bottlebrush flowers are quite spectacular!

Oh and Spike darling? You won! Well, joint winner with S.I.D.

Spike said...

Quite smashing they looked on the black of your blog.

I came, I saw, I preened :)