Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Warm winter sky

(Saratoga walkies #7)

Brass monkeys yesterday. A wind came up off the snow down south and froze the tits off the Central Coast. Bloody freezing again this morning but the sky is as blue as blue can be and the sun is warm.

Gymea Lilly

Gymea Lily (Doryanthes excelsa). Magnificent beasts they are. This one and its friend are quite short, just a couple of metres high. They get to 6 metres (19.7 feet) and the Central Coast is at the centre of their natural habitat. You can see them in the bush along Patonga Drive.

This one and its friend are on the Paficic Highway at West Gosford between OfficeWorks and the lights. Which is not Saratoga. Got 'em on the way home.

Grow yer own Gymea - Gardening Australia Fact Sheet
Australian National Botanic Gardens - great photo of opened blooms

Brighton Road Saratoga

Reaching for the sun on Brighton Road. The blooms are as soft as they look. No idea what the plant is though. Seen it all over the Peninsula and Brisbane Water and previously mistaken it for a bottlebrush. It is not a bottlebrush. Might be a mimosa.

Plenty of flowering still going on in the autumn sun, paperbacks, whatsits, daisies having another go. Saw a few golden wattles touched by gold today. They'll be blazing in full glory soon.

Point Frederick & East Gosford from Brooklyn Road Saratoga

Silvery roofs, silvery water, Point Frederick & East Gosford from Brooklyn Road.

Steyne Road Saratoga

Blazing colour fit to warm the cockles of yer heart. A whatsit flowering on Steyne Road.

Bayside Burglar

They finally got a description for the bastard. "Caucasian [white], 25-40 years old with greying-blonde hair" says the Advocate.

37 burglaries in 19 days this guy's done. 37 in 19 days. All between the hours of 3PM and 6PM.

He's hitting the Woy Woy Peninsula so far. And targetting Dear Old Things, walking in through the door while they're in the garden, forcing side windows, walking off with handbags and wallets.

Go round and check on your Dear Old Thing.


Spike said...

Here we go. What the coppers say about protecting your Dear Old Thing from the Bayside Burglar.

diana said...

awesome flower photos spike. would love to know what camera you're using. would probably need to win lotto to get a good camera - sadly I wasn't the woy woy winner of the $400000...

Spike said...

Thank yer.

My camera is merely a pissy little 4 megapixel Kodak. Cheap as chips.

Wouldn't mind one of them big 7MP 10xzoom ones. I could get all the birdies with something like that. If you win Lotto you'll buy me one too, right? Hello?

diana said...

saw the right camera at Kmart yesterday 10Xzoom... 289 dollars. yup, if we win tomorro I'll buy you a lotto ticket so you can win one too!!

Spike said...

10Xzoom... 289 dollars

Big drop in price since I last gazed lustfully upon the 10xzooms. Might have to smash open the piggy bank if Lotto doesn't come through.

Good luck for tomorrow. Or possibly last night.

TrainSpotty said...

Bayside Burglar gives blood..

By TrainSpotty..

The Bayside Burglar had a recent visit to Woy Woy Road premises for a spot of permanent borrowing of goods.. however, owner of premises on return from outing discovered no Burglar but copious quantities of blood.. apparently resident's Hound decided that the visitor was not to his liking after multiple tastings, and the Burglar decided not to stay around for seconds..

One wonders whether Mr. Dog was a Dear Old Thing in a prior life? 3 Cheers for Mr Dog, and some dreaded canine disease with pox to one Bayside Burglar. Morning All. Hi again Spike! And so to bed.. zzzz

Spike said...

Hello and thank yer kindly for the info, Trainpotty, and well done, that dog! May all your bones be big and juicy.

Mr Shorticultursit said...

Hey Spikey, that bottle brush lookn thingy is called "Albizia" and they are tropical plants that like coastal positions which is why they do well in your neck of the woody wood woods!

Catchya...Mr Shorticulturist

Spike said...

Thank yer kindly, Mister. It's always good to know what yer looking at.