Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Grab bag

Welcome to Woy Woy

Graffitti, or more grammatically graffitto, on Mrs Wilson's shop (circa 1910) at the Charlton Street-Railway Street roundabout.

Thank yer, that graffitist, this is much better than the usual tags.

Would've sworn on a stack of beer bottles I had a photo of Mrs Wilson's circa 1910 shop. But diligent searching on Flickr turns up nowt. Buggeration!

'Belinda K' at Brick Wharf Road Woy Woy

This is the Belinda K, a local working boat. She's a familiar sight to those on the ferry out of Woy Woy. She's moored at a private jetty on Brick Wharf Road.

Presumably the owner's house is just across the road. That'd cut down on yer commuting time, wouldn't it? You could totter across the road still clutching yer breakfast coffee cup, cast off and putt off down the channel coffee still in hand.

Woy Woy Public Wharf

I rabbit on a bit about catching the ferry so here's where I catch it from. "Woy Woy Public Wharf" as it says on the sign. In the background there's the commercial wharf, the fish and chip shop all the tourists go to, the CWA and, behind the CWA, Roma.

The park (right, where the tree is) is where the Woy Woy to Gosford Fun Run leaves from. It's coming up again soon. Better start training for it.

Barely a step from Bustling Downtown Woy Woy and a nowt but short stagger from the pub.


The questions below arrived in a very straightforward email. I know what curious buggers you all are so here's my answers for all to enjoy:

Hi.. I just found your site recently and I love the blog.. I have a couple of questions..

1. How old are you?

I have not long been dragged kicking and screaming into my third decade.

2. What do you do for a living that you can walk in the daytime?

I am a freelance correcter of other people's theses.

3. Where are all the people? .. It looks like scenes from Stephen King's The Stand.. kind of creepy..

You are not the first to ask.

Woy Woy is at its busiest on sunny weekends when the roads are clogged with boats in the mornings and afternoons and the fish and chip shop clogged with tourists all day.

On weekdays there's the Dawn Walkers and their dogs, then the commuters, then a bit of a hiatus until the commuters come home and the pub shuts. On pension cheque days the pavements are chockers with Dear Old Things called Mabel walking very slowly to the supermarket.

Thanks.. Keep those house pictures coming..

Yer welcome. I will.


Suzanne44 said...

So, will you be walking the Fun Run or running it this year? Will there be blurry photos of you speeding by in a flashy spandex jogging suit?

Anonymous said...

Just found your (sorry, yer, have a bit of a pommy accent) blog and love it. Am a Berowra resident and often take the Angel Delights on a train-trip to Woy Woy and back (nine tunnels and an entire mornings worth of entertainment).

Must say am feeling very enlightened. You've opened my eyes to a more... er... romantic side to Woy Woy, clearly I was under-estimating it on prior trips.

Can attest that there are people in Woy Woy, and think I may have met Mable on her way to the supermarket (narrowly avoided nasty spill involving two small children and a pram). Though must say, I do understand your reticence to put Woywoyians in photographs.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Diane! Don't you know it's rude to ask a lady her age?!

Glad you did, though, as it saves me from asking!

Spike darling, that photo of the Bird Of Paradise flower in the post down there, is to die for. Magnificent!

kitchen hand said...

I would have put you well past the start of your third decade; although you'll forgive me if I ask you if you meant to say your fourth?

Spike said...

Suzanne, running?! In spandex?! Don't you know what that does to a person's delicate bits?

Nah, I'll be walking again this year and in the tracky daks again I expect. Though I might dress up and wear jeans.

Better get back into training quick. It'll be on in a week or three.

Anon, Pommy accents accepted, along with Visa and Mastercard.

Must say am feeling very enlightened. You've opened my eyes to a more... er... romantic side to Woy Woy, clearly I was under-estimating it on prior trips.

Thank yer. I snap to please.

Device dear, giss yer email.

Kitchen Hand, you beast!

I blame my Nice Elderly Tone on teaching and talking to Dear Old Things.

But it does come in handy when one is forced to deal with some lowly peon on the telephone.