Monday, May 21, 2007

Bustling Downtown Hardys Bay

(Hardys Bay walkies #3)

Araluen Drive Hardys Bay

A view from Araluen Drive to Hardys Bay Parade. Very restful spot with the sound of water slapping on boats and the seagulls all gone to Woy Woy for fish & chips.

Araluen Drive Hardys Bay

Can't resist the combination of a twisty tree and wee boat. Low tide at Araluen Drive.

Church on Araluen Drive Hardys Bay

Early 20th century building with brand new houses on either side. Pretty typical of many Brisbane Water towns and particularly of Hardys Bay. It is not a town in which real estate is hard to sell.

Araluen Drive Hardys Bay

Fifites house and the remains of its former companion. On the other side is an active building site. All of Araluen Drive is prime land, it's all waterfront.

Bustling Downtown Hardys Bay

Bustling Downtown Hardys Bay has everything one needs in a town:
waterfront cafes (far right & hidden behind loo)
public loo in which to find companionship (green, end of wharf)
real estate agent for those impulse buys (far right, part of cafe)
bottle shop (behind green & white boat)
street sloping down hill to provide picturesque-ness
glob of brand new units smack dab on waterfront (left of wharf)
quiet old houses to retain charm (left of glob)
public wharf to attract the tourists ("Killcare Street Public Wharf" says the sign)
public boat ramp (left of glob) for the use of locals unwilling to wade through tourists.

And, last but not least, it is but a short row across to the Ettalong pub.

Gotta love you and leave you. Plumber's bringing his plunger over in a sec. Hot it's the cute one this time.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Watch that plumber's suction!

Spike said...

The bastard never came!

Rang me, sounding like he was stuffing down a pie, said he'd be there in 5 minutes and the prick never showed!

When he eventually comes, next Wednesday no doubt, I'll tell him he's fat.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

That's if he can fit through your door!

Spike said...

I shall coolly watch him struggle through then curl my lip at him. That'll learn him.