Monday, May 07, 2007

Abandoned Austins

(Saratoga walkies #6)

Abandoned Austins Patrick Crescent Saratoga

Two abandoned Austins on Patrick Crescent Saratoga, opposite the path to Mimosa Avenue. The white one is an A40. The green one is an A35.

The A40 looks like it's a Farina Mark I. Farinas were made from 1959 to 1967. The Mark I has windows you have lower and lift by hand and the engine was 948 cc. I've seen a few of these in car rallies I'm sure. Them or Morries.

Austin A40 Patrick Crescent Saratoga

Austin A40 Patrick Crescent Davistown

Interior of the A40. 45,571 miles on the clock.

Austin Patrick Crescent Saratoga

The badge on the front says Austin. No other badges were visible. Umina Rampart on Flickr tells me it's an Austin A30/A35.

The A35 2-door 4-seat saloon was built from 1956 to 1959 with a 948cc engine. The A35 was superseded in 1959 by the A40.

Brockie's first racing car in 1967 was an A30, though his had a Holden engine.

An A30 van was Wallace's pest control vehicle in the Wallace and Gromit movie The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. My all-time favourite Wallace and Gromit.

Austin Patrick Crescent Saratoga

Interior of the A35. That's another box of parts down there in the passenger side. The backseat was sprung and all the springs were showing. They were pretty rusty of course. There was a creeper starting to grow into the back.

Abandoned Austins Patrick Crescent Davistown

No idea what's left under the bonnets. No way I was sticking my fingers into redback territory.

It's a crying shame to see two such fun old cars in this state. Maybe some Austin fancier will see this and rescue them. No idea who owns them but the local residents will probably be eager to get them sold and gone.

Turn off Avoca Drive at the Green Point roundabout and it's the fifth street on your right, Patrick Crescent, right up the back. Or walk through from Mimosa Avenue.


michael said...

a mate had one like the white austin only it was red and this was in 1988
by the way i went to watch my nephew play footy on saturday and his team won

Fuckkit said...

Oi oi, finally got back to Rainbw Lodge and collected my parcel!

I love it and it fits ;) Cheers darlin, I'll post a photo of me wearing it as soon as I get time to get back into blogging. If you happen to know the furthest point in Oz from Woy Woy let me know and if I haven't passed it already I'll take the photo there :)

Anyways, off to enjoy some Monkey Mia sunshine...

kitchen hand said...

Nice old cars. The man over the road had an A40 when I was growing up.

Spike said...


It was in good nick still?

Onya, Michael's nephew!


I love it and it fits ;) Cheers darlin, I'll post a photo

Excellent, yer wlecome, yes please.

Furthest point from Woy Woy would be Onslow, between Shark Bay and Port Headland WA.


Kitchen Hand

Rotting or looked after?

Thinking on it, I've seen hundreds of both models zipping about in old B&W Pommy movies.

Aesthetic said...

love these photos

michael said...

it was more or less in good nick went pretty well, my mate didnt have it long but i cant remember what happened to it - it was almost 20 years ago!!!

Spike said...

Aesthetic - Thank yer.

How's the early morning walkies? Too nippy?

Michael - Probably got snatched up by some enthusiast. Them buggers prowl the streets looking and offer you 2000 quid for a rotting carcass.