Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Overcast this morning, completely overcast. Won't need the camera, says I, I'll just be going walkies without it. And I don't need it because it's overcast all through my walkies. Then the minute I step back inside the bloody sky clears! It's a conspiracy I tell you, a bleeding conspiracy! What that's, nurse? Time for my medicine?

So anyways, these are from a completely sunny day a while back. Enjoy, while I have a soothing snack of Valium.

Barrenjoey Head & Lion Island from Ettalong Beach

Taken from Ettalong Beach near the Vietnam memorial.

That's Wagstaffe on the left and you can just see Half Tide Rocks off the right of it if you know what you're looking for (flat shelf of rock at water level).

Over on the left hand margin is the corner where Ettalong Beach ends and Ocean Beach starts. Those are flats and holiday rentals there on the very edge of the picture. The white line extending out to the left from that corner is the big sandbar, the last one the Palm Beach ferry has to avoid on its way back to Palm Beach.

In the distance you can see Barrenjoey Head, down into Pittwater, then Lion Island sticking up and Commodore Heights behind it.

Ettalong Beach

Showing Lobster Beach and Little Box Head with Wagstaffe out of frame to the left. In the right foreground there's a couple of banksias providing some shade for the seagulls when they get tired of pulling tiny crabs out of the sand.

You can't see Lion Island in this one, it's behind the trees. Behind the 2nd boat from the right you can see Barrenjoey Head.

Flathead Road Ettalong

I like these. I like fifties retro. They look well made as well. None of yer slapped up crap. And those wee huts at either side of the gate must hide the bins and stuff. Very neat.

That's Blackwall Mountain behind (hur hur). As mountains go it's more of yer small hill.


Aesthetic said...

I really think we have a hide applying the term mountain to anything on this eroded continent.

kitchen hand said...

That retro look is nice. Haven't seen it down here yet, they're still doing distressed rock and long narrow windows you can't look out of.

Spike said...

Aesthetic - Ain't that the truth. Even Kozzy's a shortarse, only 2,228 m above sea level. Bit of a shortarse compared to the lofty Mount Everest (29,002 feet (8,840 m)). But at least it's higher than Ben Nevis which is 1,344 metres (4,406 feet) above sea level.

Mind, that doesn't tell us how tall it is from land.

Kitchen Hand - They need to get over those windows. They were exciting for all of 5 minutes.