Monday, May 28, 2007

Veron Road

(Random walkies)


Strelitzia (Strell-it-zee-uh) also known as Bird-of-Paradise, proper name Strelitzia reginae. It comes from South Africa and belongs to the banana family (Musaceae). Seriously.

I was going to post you some close-ups but Flickr's having some sort of fit. See if you can get there.

Umina High School Veron Road Umina

Sheep & veg garden in the Umina High School's hands-on department.

Some dickheads jumped the fence a couple of months back and killed one of the pigs.

Veron Road cnr Hillview Street Woy Woy South

Tiny piece of bush opposite the High School's sheep (behind camera), backing onto the Catholic primary school in Meacham Way and across from the golf course (right of photo) (Map). It is also the home of the Stone Curlew.

This photo will have to be added to my Gone photos in a while. The church got the go-ahead to clear it and bung up some luxury villas. Because Woy Woy's so short of luxury villas.

The bulldozers will be moving in soon and after that we may never hear the Stone Curlew again. That pisses me off because I like hearing its weird midnight call.


Neath said...

Lovely. My dad always gave my mom a bouquet of Birds-0f Paradise on their anniversary.

Pattie uk said...

Veron Road
was there once a big kiddies slide there somewhere??

Suzanne44 said...

Another absolutely stunning flower photo - you have definitely discovered the knack for it.

Spike said...

Neath - Good on him. They're rather beautiful creatures.

Pattie - My memory is rather hazy but I think you're right. Unless we're both thinking of the waterslide that was where The Excresence now is.

Suzanne - Thank yer kindly. The discovery was a very d'oh! moment and took me a mere 18 months to arrive at.

michael said...

the waterside was indeed on "The Excresence" as you like to call it. it was on the corner of memorial ave and the skating rink was next door which was called "The Pink Rink" at one stage I cnt remember what happened to the waterslide but i vaguely remember something about it going up to mangrove mountain somewhere

Aesthetic said...

Love the sheep pic, reminds me of my high school ag plot...

Spike said...

Michael, thank yer, didn't know there was an ice rink there as well. Can't find anything online about the slide but no doubt it's gracing some pool somewhere up that way.

Aesthetic, where did you go to school?