Monday, January 29, 2007

Cow house

Crystal Spirit at Wagstaffe Wharf Wagstaffe

Crystal Spirit and holiday makers at Wagstaffe Wharf. One of the Palm Beach Ferries fleet at Wagstaffe wharf. The Palm Beach ferries operate out of Palm Beach in Pittwater, which is the northern-most beach of Sydney and 15-20 minutes ferry ride to the south. You can work in Sydney, get the bus up the Princes Highway to Palm Beach and then pop across on the ferry and there you are.

The Palm Beach Ferries aren't strictly Brisbane Water ferries but they service a bit of Brisbane Water. Together with the ferry runs that never leave Brisbane Water, there's four ferry runs I think. Lady Kendall the lunch-n-gawk sightseeing one, the Codock II AKA the Cockatoo, the Palm Beach mob and the Saratoga which is the catamaran that does the Empire Bay run.

Wagstaff Avenue Wagstaffe

This place I want to move into. It's got the lot, it's pretty, it's got a good veranda, water frontage, big yard, boatshed, ferry stop down the road a bit, fresh oysters daily (growing on the jetty) and own private jetty. Brilliant.

It's on Wagstaff Avenue Wagstaffe. Wagstaffe (suburb) and Wagstaff (Avenue) are both correct, like Kincumber (town) and Kincumba (Mountain).

Wagstaff Avenue Wagstaffe

This place isn't half bad neither. Two places actually, the wee blue and white cottage on the left with the boatshed and jetty and the place on the right with the big yard for a dog to run round in and a seat under the shady tree. I'll take both.

On Wagstaff Avenue Wagstaffe as well, just along from the photo above.

You can see in this photo the frangipanni trees are flowering now. Basking in the sun and putting out their simple white flowers. Lovely. The jasmine is out too of course, and the orange jessamine. When the sun's on them the perfume is glorious.

Cow house Wagstaff Avenue Wagstaffe

The cow house, Wagstaff Avenue Wagstaffe. Heard about this place. Might've read somewhere that the owner used to own a milk bar and kept the cow off the shop. But don't quote me on that.

Hardly walked at all today. Rode around on the ferry for a bit then sat under a tree and looked at the water. Bloody tired. Didn't sleep well. Might have to go to bed at a decent hour and miss Shameless.

Shameless is brilliant but I miss Oz. Mind, Oz wouldn't be the same anyways without Keller. Saw the feller wot played Keller in that Law and Order show. He is fucking wasted in that, wasted. Same goes for James Marsters in Superman's home town. They both had big roles playing sexy sexy guys now they're in pretty standard roles.

Saturday. Beautiful wind. Gusts building up, blowing the curtains up half way to the ceiling then banging them back down against the flyscreens. All day it blew. Got rid of every last iota of the week's mugginess. Bloody glorious.


Dodderyoldfart said...

What sort of money would these places go for Spike?

Just in case I win Lotto...

Blabberon said...

My social security check comes in ten more days. I can help chip in then. I already have my passport.

Suzanne said...

Count me in. I'm so there.

michael said...

lovely pictures spike i always love that part of the world!!!!

princes highway????? i think you might mean pittwater rd, princes highway is the one that runs down through Wollongong

Spike said...

Everyone - Okay. Those places are going for about half a mil (385,955 in American, 196,695 in Pommy, 561,316 in Kiwi).

So 200,000 gets you a bedroom (I bags the front room!) and 33,000 gets you a spot on the veranda. Lucky last gets the kennel at 333, a snip.

Michael - Thank yer.

Dead right. Pittwater Road.