Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Dingies & kayaks at Davistown

(Davistown #3)

It's another overcast day here in sunny Woy Woy. Plus I gotta stay home and wait for the plumber. Again. And he's not even cute. Here's some sunny photos from last week's walk to be going on with.

Dingies at Illoura Reserve Davistown with Daleys Point, St Huberts Island & Rileys Island

Dingies at Illoura Reserve Davistown with Daleys Point, St Huberts Island & Rileys Island.

Those dingies belong to the houses facing onto the reserve. What bliss it would be to potter out of your house of a morning, push the dingy into the water and row for a bit before breakfast.

Kayaker, Rileys Island & Mount Pleasant Saratoga from Illoura Reserve Davistown

Kayaker (in yellow), Rileys Island & Mount Pleasant Saratoga from Illoura Reserve Davistown. Looking roughly west. Woy Woy is behind Rileys Island. Just a short ferry ride or paddle away.

Kayakers & Daleys Point from Illoura Reserve Davistown

More kayakers passing in front of the mangrove forest off Daleys Point. Also taken from Illoura Reserve Davistown, looking south.

That seagull followed me. It figured if I keep putting something up to my face I must have food.

It was a lovely day. There was a storm in the afternoon but the morning was bright and sunny and all the tourists and weekenders were out with their dogs and their kids and their boats having a high old time.

World wide walk

One of the world's more famous blogging walkers is Steve Vaught, The Fat Man Walking. Steve walked across America in 2006. By himself. He had a few people walk a few miles with him and TV crews kept interviewing him towards the end, but the rest of the time he was alone with his tent and his thoughts. Bloody hard yakka.

When he got back he realised it wasn't the end of the story, he needed to keep going. So he's going to walk around the world. He's organising it now and he needs your help. Drop him an email or snail mail and offer him a bed for the night when he gets to your part of the world.

In his own words:

For the new comers, I am Steve Vaught, otherwise known as Thefatmanwalking, last year I walked across the United Stated to lose weight and regain my life. ... [After I returned] I decided to take the best elements of the first journey and head off seeking just those; I have decided that I need goals to reach, barriers to get over and excitement along the way. So I am going to travel around the world by backpack, walking, riding, sailing in some cases, but solely by chance and the kindness of strangers. I have come to truly believe in the kindness of strangers and I want to prove that a person can get around the globe because of it.


Anonymous said...

And Happy Xmas and NY to you also.

Was up your way recently. Chittaway Bay.

Didn't get to Woy Woy alas....

James said...

A happy New Year to you too, Spike!

Weather looks a bit better where you are. Shame about the cricket!!

Anonymous said...

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Spike said...

Anon #1 - Thank yer kindly.

How was Chittaway? Haven't seen much of up Tuggerah Lake way. It looks rather pleasant.

James - Thank yer kindly.

We'd have to have a tidal wave for our weather to be worse than yours :) Is there dancing in the streets up there with our best cricketers retiring?

Anon #2 - do make use of the edit button, dear.