Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Get yer fresh hot dingies here

Dingy at Wagstaffe Wharf Mulhall Street Wagstaffe

Forgot to post this photo on Monday. It's from Wagstaffe as well. Someone's dingy tied up next to the ferry wharf. Sat there under the tree for a bit watching the water. The light was great. Very blue day. Out on one of the sandbars there was a small motorboat. It was pulled up onto the edge of the sandbar and a dad and a kid were wading up to their ankles in the water with a bucket. Don't know what they were looking for, crabs maybe, but it looked like fun.

No walkies today. Not feeling the best. Nothing major. But by the end of the day I'll be thoroughly shat off as I intend to spend it wrangling these word whatsits so they'll go onto black tee shirts. This involves making the background transparent. Which involves me shouting at the photoshop thingy for a few hours.

New stuff with dingy

To put off the Evil Hours of Transparency, I bunged the dingy photo on some stuff at my wee shop. Go straight to all the Dingy at Wagstaffe Wharf stuff or have a sniff around all the stuff I've made so far.


Suzanne said...

Got my Very Large Mug last week, am in love with it and its extra large capacity. I enjoy drinking the first cup of the day and contemplating the face of god and trying to guess what he's thinking...I think there's a devil on his shoulder.

Suzanne said...

Perhaps I should have mentioned I got the one with the clouds pic.

Spike said...

I guessed :)

I always think of that song when I see that photo. Something about "does anyone call him on the phone, maybe the pope in Rome". Summat like that.