Friday, January 12, 2007

Railway Street

(Random walkies)

It's going to be another hot one. Yesterday was 34 or summat (94F) and bloody unpleasant. I closed the blinds and laid about in my undies reading. It's a tough life.

Today I'm working on some tee shirts for my wee shop. Gotta get the buggers done this month.

Railway Street Woy Woy

This is a lovely bungalow on Railway Street Woy Woy. Love the colours. Had to go back a few times to get it in the right light then I forgot I had the bugger.

Will go back for another photo when the jacaranda (right) is flowering and see how it looks with the lovely soft purple of the flowers hanging over it.

Can't find it in my hist list. It's either Federation Bungalow (circa 1890 - circa 1915) or Inter War California Bungalow (circa 1915 - circa 1940). I think from the details like the window frames and the veranda posts it's Federation that's been well looked after.

Other business

Did some links updating the other day and bunged these people up:

Midday in the Garden of Good and Evil - Sydney textile artist Gramarye.

Belongum's Blog - Ex alot-of-things. Perth, Western Australia.

No More Dreaming - Haily in Vancouver Canada.

The String Bag - Stitchwort in Durham County in the UK.

And Fuckkit shifted her swearing+backpacking blog to here. Go and tease her about dunny spiders.

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