Friday, January 05, 2007

Pelican Island

What is this? A fucking conspiracy? First couple of sunny days in yonks and I gotta stay home. Today I'm doing all those little fiddly jobs fixing stuff round the house. You know the ones. I've already had half the crap on top of the wardrobe down on my head and found a homemade porno I thought I'd lost.

Pelican Island Nature Reserve

Pelican Island Nature Reserve the sign says. This is the island that runs from Woy Woy Wharf along along parallel with Brick Wharf Road and finishs level with the park at the end of North Burge Road. Boaties will know the park as the one with the yellow and black submarine cable sign.

Pelican Island Nature Reserve
(Click image for annotated version. Red dot at top right is Saratoga walk #3, red dots at right are Illoura Reserve Walk.)

It's a sand island so the tides and currents change its shape and size. I've seen a photo of it from 1910 or something when it was about half it's current size. It's maybe two hundred yards from bustling downtown Woy Woy and the railway station. I love living in a town with an uninhabited mangrove island on its doorstep.

There's a crowd of kayakers who paddle through the channel every now and then. They're with some tour group apparently. I gotta get on that tour and paddle through those mangroves.

One of the Illoura Walk's plaque thingies says nearby Rileys Island is "a low-lying island with a large expanse of mangrove swamp around the edges (Avicennia marina (Grey Mangrove) and Aegiceras corniculatum (River Mangrove)), and dry schlerophyll forest in its’ interior."

That description seems to fit Pelican Island and, since they're only a few hundred yards apart, the plant and animal inhabitants are probably the same. But don't quote me on that. I ain't a botanist.


Jimmy Little said...

Wasn't Pelican Island saved from redevelopment by your namesake back in the 1970's? Or was that Riley's Island (or both)? Gawd, that was a near thing... (wish I could remember the details, but I'm pretty sure it was Pelican Island, and I can remember going to a meeting at that time in the old Woy Woy flix on the main drag; the meeting was addressed by Spike himself).

michael said...

i remember reading about this (dont actually remember the event itself i think it was 1974 but i would have been up here at the time i wouldve been about 4 at the time )they were going to put a sewrage treatment plant on the island

Inexplicable DeVice said...

What I find peculiar is that you managed to post this after finding the porn. Wherever did you find the time - or were you multi-tasking?

Aesthetic said...

Home made porn...

Spike said...

Jimmy & Michael - Saving Pelican Island from becoming a dunny dump certainly fits with his other activities . Can't dig up the exact date but 1974 sounds right for the saving of Rileys.

The sewerage treatment plant we've got now is on Nagari Road down near the railway tunnel, just before the tip. Do you know when that went in?

Device dear - I was indeed multi-tasking. Hence the typos. *hanging head in shame*

Aesthetic - Free tip: When placing the video camera for the making of homemade porn, one should always ensure the res is low enough to avoid Spotty Bum Syndrome.

michael said...

not sure when the present sewerage treatment plant opened it could have been sometime during the 80s

Spike said...

Sounds about right.