Monday, December 18, 2006


(Saratoga walkies #3)

Blue sky today. Haven't seen that much in the last couole of months. Warmish but a good breeze. Zotted up to Gosford this morning then down to Saratoga for lunch with a mate. Had grilled fish, a gasbag about who's shagging who and a nice wander along the water. Perfect day.

Saratoga and Davistown form a roughly pickaxe-shaped peninsula near the Woy Woy peninsula. Today's visit was to the pickaxe's handle. (Photo, map)

Centennial Avenue Reserve Saratoga

Centennial Avenue Reserve Saratoga. Nice spot for a picnic. It looks west-nor'-west across Brisbane Water to Point Clare, Longnose (Point Frederick) and East Gosford.

Public Wharf Mimosa Avenue Saratoga

Standing in the Centennial Avenue Reserve looking across the public wharf to Steyne Road and Mount Pleasant. Tascott in the right background.

Mimosa Avenue Saratoga

An old shop in Mimosa Avenue Saratoga, just a few metres from the water end of Jirramba Avenue. It now sells "arts and crafts".

It's style is Art Deco, an inter-war style running from circa 1915 to circa 1940. Can't find it in my hist list. There's a circa 1914 shop listed at No 91 in nearby Steyne Road and another two in other streets but nothing listed for Mimosa Avenue.

Jirramba Avenue Saratoga

Last house on Jirramba Avenue. Very symmetrical Inter War California Bungalow (circa 1915 - c. 1940).

It faces nor'-nor'-west to Point Clare, Longnose (Point Frederick) and East Gosford. There's nothing between it and the view except the Cennetennial Avenue reserve and some yachts.

Point Clare, Longnose & East Gosford from Centennial Avenue Saratoga

Point Clare, Longnose & East Gosford from Centennial Avenue Saratoga. (Embiggulate)

You can see the faint haze in this photo. Bushfire smoke I think. Smelt it faintly last night. Come across from the Blue Mountains fire maybe or all the way up from Vic. Doubt if it'd be up from Tassie. Some of the Kiwi firefighters injured helping out and a couple of people have been killed in the fires, not sure yet if it's one or two. Poor bastards.

Steyne Road Saratoga from Cenntenial Avenue Saratoga

Looking west-sou'-west towards Mount Pleasant and Steyne Road Saratoga.

Notice the rash of 1980s houses. There's a couple of little old places left though. Have a look in the big version.


Saratoga circled in red. Woy Woy in the middle bottom.

Take the ferry from Woy Woy Wharf or turn off Avoca Drive down Davistown Drive, at the roundabout between the Green Point Baptist Church and Dunlop Hill.

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