Friday, December 08, 2006

Drip drip drip

Sitting here waiting for the bloody plumber. The pipes and shit in this place are a good 35 years old. They need ripping out and replacing but "replace plumbing" is the sort of phrase landlords can't hear so I ain't holding my breath. Except today, when some bloke is s'posed to show and work his magic on the loo.

Humid here this morning. But nothing like as warm as it must be in the Blue Mountains and Victoria.

The fires in the Blue Mountains (on the outskirts of Sydney) are bad. But the fires in Victoria (south-easternmost state of mainland Australia) are worse. Last night the fire chiefs were talking about how bad it would be if all the fires in the north-east of Vic came together in one massive fucking fire. And now it looks like it's going to happen.

In this morning's SMH:
"[F]orecast hot and windy weekend conditions threaten to combine [the Victorian] bushfires into a single conflagration.

Firefighters from New Zealand were due in Melbourne last night as the state prepared for its most difficult bushfire weekend on record. Up to 50 fires had ripped through more than 87,000 hectares of state forest and the Alpine National Park, raising fears they could fuse into a 600,000-hectare fire when winds and temperatures rise tomorrow."

Shit. Firefighters flying in from another country to help. Not often it gets bad enough for that. Thanks, Kiwis, we owe yer.

BotheredByBees lives quite close to one of the Vic fires and has some good photos, including one of a water-bomber in action. He's posted no new photos for a week. Might've evacuated.

Can't get any accurate updates on the telly. Those fuckheaded newstainment shows on 7, 9 and 10 are twittering about the frocks at some awards night. When the fucking apocalypse comes they'll be handing out advice on what to wear to it.


Suzanne said...

When the apocalypse does come, I want to be dressed in snug black fatigues with black combat boots and a black balaclava, and sporting an Uzi. I think that would be most appropriate, don't you?

Spike said...

Stylsh and practical!