Monday, December 11, 2006

Alecia Tearooms

Alecia Tearooms Blackwall Road Woy Woy

Alecia Tearooms Blackwall Road Woy Woy, built in 1926 according to my hist list. One of very favourite buildings on the Peninsula. It's so nutty.

It faces the railway (50 yards to left of frame) and was designed to catch the eye of passengers as they disembarked, drawing them in with the promise of a nice hot cuppa tea and cream cakes.

This is only half the original building. It used to go right across to Noonan's. To see the whole building go to Gosford & District in Pictures and search "Shops, Blackwall Road, Woy Woy".

That's the (now defunct) Commonwealth Bank on Alecia's left and the lane is a shortcut to the internet cafe and the bottleshop (liquor store).

Albert Hamlyn Warner built the Tearooms and that turretted building opposite Wyong Station and his house Strathavon in Boyce Avenue, Wyong.

Waiting for a storm this afternoon. It's bloody muggy and a nice bit of thunder and lightning would go down a treat.


Suzanne said...

That is eye-catching, all right.

Anonymous said...

Is that a pedestrian crossing sign in the middle right of the photo, looks like "walking legs"?

If so, quite different than our "full bodied" crossing signs in the states.

Michael said...

In that section where the commonwealth bank used to be, there was a store called "C A Pauls" it sold clothing, manchester, luggage, shoes and underwear they also had a store at Ettalong (next to the post office)


Spike said...

Suzanne - It is. The best vantage point is actually the Kiss'N'Ride in front of the train station, from where you can properly admire the contrast between it and the more staid buildings.

Ron - Those yellow and black legs are indeed the crosswalk sign. Never noticed it was only legs before.

Our 'little green man' WALK signs on the traffic lights have top halves.

Michael - When did they start and finish there do you know?

Michael said...


I dont know exactly when CA Pauls opened it coud have been the 40's i am not 100% sure on that one but it closed about 1980/81 when it was demolished to make way for the commonwealth bank, the ettalong store continued until the early 90's

that bloody train is coming through again today but this time i am too busy to take pics - bugger


Spike said...

There's a C A Paul living in Blackwall but no shop by that name on the Coast anymore. Might come across the old shop at that Gosford in Pictures site.

The 3801's been as erratic as hell lately. To do with that kerfuffle over who's running it now I s'pose. When the bugger does come through it's lovely to hear its steamy toot echoing across the Peninsula.

Michael said...

there are a couple of photos that has the old CA paul shop in it taken about 1970 on that site its under the woy woy section

i can hear the sounds from my place of the old steam trains when they come through woy woy but havent heard any lately but

Spike said...

Ta Michael. Will pop over after Christmas.

BTW, found the date of Alecia's. 1926.

Spike said...

Come to think of it, the 3801's not been through for a couple of weeks. They better not have cancelled its run. They'll have angry trainspotters on their doorstep threatening to lob cheese-n-pickle sandwiches at them or something.