Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Coomal Avenue

Another low light day today. Haven't got time for walkies anyways. Doing an edit. Turning someone else's tortured text into reader-friendly prose. It and its little hairy author are giving me the shits. Just as well there's a fat fee. These Davistown photos are from Monday.

Coomal Avenue Davistown

East end of Coomal Avenue. There's a couple of houses off the end of it, out of frame on the right. Other than that it's just used as the start of an unofficial BMX track and shortcut.

Off Coomal Avenue Davistown

What lies between. Between the west and east ends of Coomal Avenue. It's a mangrove swamp, all dried out in the drought. Prime excuse for development.

Can't find anything on its development online but there's no way some entrepeneur isn't going to leap all over it.

Coomal Avenue Davistown

Western end of a street that's going to be developed. The local kids are using it at the moment as a BMX track.

Took this photo a few weeks back on a day with dodgy light. But I sorta like the gloom anyways. The contrast between the blue of the sky and the dark trees and the grunge of the dried mud.


The 2 red dots are Coomal Avenue west and east. Bet yer fifty bucks there's a retirement village between them inside two years.

The Fat Man

Not sure if I can squeeze another walk in before Christmas. You lot have a good one and come back around the 29th.


Anonymous said...

Have a good holiday Spike

Catch ya on the 29th

Suzanne said...

Merry Merry Merry!
Happy Happy Happy!

And all that stuff.

pattie uk said...

Happy Christmas Spike
and lots of good health
for 2007
best wiahes

Kerry said...

Cheers Spike

You have a good one too

Michael said...

merry christmas and ahappy new year spike


Anonymous said...

Cheers Spike... you take care now!
Wishing you an almost Vimes-like Christmas... if that's a 'good' thing to wish upon a fella or not - I'll never know!!! ;-)

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Have a good one yourself.

Bah! Humbug!

diana said...

Christmas greetings and best wishes for your good health and many more interesting walkies in 2007!
R and D, Woy Woy.

michael said...

very quiet new year here in my neck of the woods spike, i could hear fireworks going off in the distance, what was it like where you were?

happy new year


Spike said...

Everyone - Thank yer kindly. Hope you had a good Chrissy (or festival of your choice) and a happy New Year. May all your barbies be not rained on.

Michael - Very quiet here too. I was boring and stayed home. Went out on the balcony and watched the fireworks going off from the foreshore.

michael said...

i stayed at home as well for new years no body i knew was doing anything except for my friend in sydney, her and her husband went to their friends apartment at kirribilli to watch the fireworks on the harbour I wanted to go too but her friend had a full house so i couldnt go
what fireworks did you see? were they the ones from gosford? I heard them but couldnt see them from my place

Spike said...

Bummer about the lack of space at Kirribilli. It'd be a great place for it.

The ones I saw were way closer than Gosford. Must've been near Woy Woy wharf. They only lasted about 2 minutes, 9-ish.

michael said...

yeah i was sort of upset about not being able to go i didnt want to watch them on tv either and from what i heard of the coverage thank god i didnt!!!
those ones near the wharf mustve been someone just letting them off as i dont think there wasnt anything offical down this way only gosford and at The Entrance

Spike said...

Didn't see anything of the Sydney coverage except for what they showed on the news and that was just the come shot. Saw the same on the PBS news on SBS sans the coathanger round the diamond. That must've puzzled them. "Those goddamn crazy Ossies" etc.

Yeah, I think the local ones were unofficial. There's someone who walks at night in the streets round MacMasters Road letting off some sort of firecracker and occasionally a few fireworks go off somewhere on the Peninsula. Been going on for a few years the DOTs say.