Monday, January 08, 2007


(Random walkies)

As you can see from the photos it's overcast and a crap day for photos. Not sure what the haze is. Looked like smoke and I smelt bushfire smoke this morning. The wind's been blowing from a few different directions and it's impossible to tell if the fire's local or what. Will have a decko at NBN news tonight.

Woy Woy Footbridge Brisbane Water Drive Woy Woy

The new footbridge is finished. The one at the Woy Woy end of Brisbane Water Drive. They still gotta do the path at one end then after that we can all start walking and cycling over it.

In the background on the left is Daleys Point and Blackwall Mountain in the middle. In the foreground is the two parts of Pelican Island and the channel that separates them. Woy Woy is in the middle distance and Roma, the CWA and the old pub can be seen just to the left of the bridge. The pines are in the Woy Woy Memorial Park (old name Soldiers' Park). Have a look at the big size.

Woy Woy Footbridge Brisbane Water Drive Woy Woy

The bridge completes the path from Woy Woy to Gosford. Same path as is used for the annual Woy Woy to Gosford Fun Run. Last year we had to use the road for the first hundred metres or so. It's very visible in the landscape. Not sure yet if I like it. Completing the path is good but.


michael said...

apprently it was from the fires in victoria the southerly change we had pushed the smoke up this way i think it was on channel 7 news last night

Spike said...

Ta. I missed the news. They got visiting Canadian firefighters rappelling into the steeper bits of fire down in Vic apparently.

jen said...

that is an interesting bridge design. not sure what i think either, but it is very exciting that the bridge has been completed!

Spike said...

It is. Can't hardly wait to walk over it and then all the way to Gosford on that path.