Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good luck for your life

Bloody guts are playing up something cruel. Couldn't possibly have anything to do with how wasted I got over Mardi Gras. Have spent most of the week stretched out on the sofa whimpering with a bucket handy.

Wanted to blog the march-through on Saturday by our boys and girls in bell-bottoms but tottered into Sydney too late. Did have an entertaining time though standing on a corner rating naval crumpet as it went into the pub.

50 million

Belmore Park demo March 2009
Peaceful demo in Belmore Park in Sydney on Saturday, English part says "Support 50 Million Who Have Quit the Chinese Communist Party"

50 million Chinese citizens have torn up their communist party membership, making it clear they do not support the current Chinese government.

This is a good thing.

Auschwitz in China
English part says "SuJaiTun: The Auschwitz in China"

It's also pretty risky, even when everyone else is doing it. The communist government is pretty fucking scary. People get disappeared or shipped off to "re-education" camps for some incredibly petty reasons. Under those circumstances, saying I don't want you to your government is brave.

Greens Senator in Belmore Park demo
A Greens senator supporting the demonstrators

To Chinese people, good luck for your life.


michael said...

sounds like you could have a bug thats been going around, a few people i know have had the gastro over the last week I have been off sick too but I didnt get the gastro, still I couldnt go to work because of it, but feeling a lot better now

Spike said...

Yeah, think I had the gastro. It was the pits.

Glad yer on the mend. How goes the car hunt?

michael said...

yeah got a new car on monday - its a mitsubishi magna advance 99 model

Spike said...

Excellent. Carlessness is discombobulating.