Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dark week

From blue blue winter skies to dark dark winter skies. Pissing down again as we speak. It's been a dark wet week in Woy Woy. I've been having the lights on at three in the afternoon.

Male duck Empire Bay foreshore June 2009

Boy duck.

Went to Empire Bay when the sun was still with us. Had fish & chips on the foreshore. Bloody lovely day for it.

Female duck Empire Bay foreshore June 2009

Girl duck.

Empire Bay foreshore Empire Bay

Beautiful warm winter sun on water and shore.

And a couple of planes making weird contrails in the distance. See them? Above the boats. They looked like they were over Sydney.

Still missing

Can't find any fresh news about the Woy Woy bloke who went missing last week. They found his surf ski and life jacket and paddle off Saratoga but no sign of him, poor bastard.


Full article at The Australian

Dementia walkies

Regular walkies helped a Dear Old Thing survive when he got lost in the bush last week.

"Dr Fulde believed Mr Ludbrook's regular long walks would have been crucial to his survival.

"Big time. People who walk serious distances - not just the 20-minute stroll with the dog, which is also good - do well in situations like this.

"His heart would have been able to deal with the stress much more easily that the average lounge lizard.

"In the end, that's what hypothermia does - it leads to heart attack - and having a healthy heart from lots of walking protects from heart attach as the patient cools down."
For decades, Mr Ludbrook's neighbours had become used to the sight of him walking the streets of Fernhill."

There you go. Us walkers are on the right track. Even when we're demented.

Full article at SMH


michael said...

theres still no more news on that young bloke who went missing its been 8 days now

I went for a drive over to Woy Woy Bay and Phegans Bay last Sunday I have put the pics on my Flickr

Erica said...

...but if Mr. Ludbrook hadn't gone walking, he wouldn't have been lost...catch 22 thingy

Spike said...

Michael, yeah, poor bastard. Now for the inquest.

Will have a look at yer snaps in a bit.

True, Erica, very true. I hate them thingies.

Spike said...

As of June 30th or July 1st (can't find the article) they've called off the search for Sainty.

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