Saturday, June 27, 2009

All is calm, all is quiet

All is calm, all is quiet

Went walkies along the western side of Brisbane Water, looking from Brisbane Water Drive across at Green Point and Saratoga and beyond to Kincumber and Avoca Beach and Killcare.

The gentle winter sun shone down, the ducks and heron-type-thingies browsed in the shallows, the commuters wished they were out on the still quiet water.

Wading & snapping

Wading and snapping. The heron-type-thingy wading sedately with that gawky knees-up walk they have. No idea what this one was eating but he didn't seem to be finding much of it. The ducks were finding plenty, poking their beaks into the sea grass and snapping their beaks in a satisfied way.

What ducks eat

What ducks eat. Seemed to be wee creatures in the sea grass or the sea grass itself.

Just boats

There's very nearly more boats than people around Brisbane Water. These ones looked scrumptious in the soft fading light.

Bonus picture: You wouldn't be dead for quids

Spider bites it

Dead spider

This is Gorgeous. Well, her body anyways. She's dead now.

She was my pet/flatmate. She moved in a couple of months ago, when the nights started to get cold. She hung out in the kitchen during the day and watched TV together and she slept behind a picture in the living room. We chatted when I made my morning cuppa and stuff.

Then a couple of days ago she disappeared. It was too cold outside so I knew she hadn't left. I found her body yesterday. She'd died of natural causes I think and fallen down behind the dish-rack. I buried her under the geranium.


michael said...

poor spidey!!!

Erica said...

was she really in the body? because huntsmen (or huntswomen) moult several times a year and leave the old husk behind, she may have just moved on to a new skin (half her luck!)

Ron Bloomquist said...

That would be cool what Erica suggested but if not....


Spike said...

Thank yer, Michael.

Erica AKA Fount of Knowledge About Stuff, I had no idea they did that. But I haven't seen a spider fitting her description but with a shiny new coat so I think she's actually kicked it, poor love.

Ron, it would be very cool, particularly when it came to shedding those evil winter kilos.

Thank yer.

Anonymous said...

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