Saturday, July 04, 2009

Views from a bridge

Booker Bay from The Rip Bridge

Booker Bay from The Rip Bridge

Look at that water. Still as. There was a cold cruel wind yesterday but otherwise it's been days and days of still blue skies. Magic winter weather.

Hardys Bay from The Rip Bridge

Hardys Bay from The Rip Bridge

I love the swirly patterns on the water. Some of them are obviously boat tracks but the big patches seem to be made by the sandbars. Which we have heaps of. Which is why we have the Great Dredging Debate

Ettalong knob/Booker Bay sandbar

Somewhere in my increasingly large photo archive at Flickr is a nice view from the mountain showing most of the sandbars. Can I find the bastard? No, I cannot. Didn't tag the effing thing properly, did I!

The Rip Bridge from Hardys Bay (plus photos of Bustling Downtown Hardys Bay)

Stupid health

I ain’t on death’s door or nothing. Just not terribly sprightly at the moment. Had to have more tests last week. Dr says I’m to stay off the booze for a year, a whole year for fuck’s sake, and go easy on the pizza and bacon.

So I’ve chucked out all the bacon and bought myself a T-shirt that says “designated driver”. Sigh.

Local linkage

First one is Woy Woy hero bunnies at Biker Bunnies.

Second one is some keen bushwalkers have bunged up a new local freebies website called

They've got “various walks in the Brisbane Water and Bouddi national parks including Warrah Trig, Patonga, Maitland Bay and Staples Lookout.”

It’s got some good local photos and some chat about each walk and you can print out a map to take with you. Holding it up the right way is yer own responsibility.

B day

Shit. I've spent so much time on the first B of the day I'm in danger of missing the second.

Saturday is B day:

Bonking (if my sex drive is at home to visitors)

(Tuesday is soylent green day.)


Suzanne44 said...

I'm trying to think of something you can substitute for Booze on your list of B day activities. Blues, maybe. BeeKeeping? Baking? Basketweaving? Boxing? Ah, there's just no substitute for booze. Poor thing.

Spike said...

Ooh, boxing! Nice and sweaty half nekkid warm-up for bonking.

*adds to list*

Suzanne44 said...

Be sure to wear a cup.

Spike said...

Be sure to wear a cup.

Stared at this for some time before I realised you meant a box.

*adds to Ducktionary*

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