Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blue sky cold day

(Random walkies in Koolewong)

Cycle path at Koolewong

Cycle path at Koolewong.

Lovely avenue of trees along this part of the path. A long stand of casuarinas whispering in the wind on the park side, mangroves with the water slapping about their roots on the water side.

(Kept typing root instead of roots. Wonder what I'm thinking about!)

Koolewong from Koolewong

Koolewong from Koolewong.

Koolewong is a shallow bay. This is taken from one side of the bay looking at the other.

Well, okay, technically it's two bays. This bay and Murphys Bay.

Shady Koolewong from Brisbane Water Drive June 2009

Shade on the ridge and the soft filtered light through the casuarina needles.

Soft weird light through the casuarinas

Soft weird sky seen through the casuarinas.

Brisbane Water Streets - Koolewong

That's Koolewong there in the red box. It's a narrow strip of flat land and a couple of streets going up the ridgeside a bit.

It has bugger-all streets compared to Woy Woy. Or compared to anywhere really. Except maybe Patonga, which has five streets.

Pissing down most of the week. Today can't make up its mind. I can. I'm off to a barbie. At which I will not eat bacon, pizza or those really fat sausages not matter how good they smell. Nor will I be imbibing of the amber fluid. How boring is that?

By the way

That Rip Bridge photo everyone loves got invited to the Best of Australia group in Flickr. One of them invite-only photo groups. Goes to show how a bit of practice can turn a crap photographer into a decent photographer.

How to take decent photos


Suzanne44 said...

Very well deserved honor! You're awesome!

michael said...

last time I went for a walk around Koolewong I sat on the public wharf there for a while great spot to be on a summers evening

Pattie Uk said...

Koolewong is a fantastic place..I love that walk along the front.Have you spotted the flat fish in the shallow can see them from the path.Also,go down the little lane by the chip shop to the public wharf, I saw loads of blue crabs last time I was there.Cant wait to get back again.Probably end November.How do we spot you?? with camera round your neck?

Spike said...

Suzanne, thank yer kindly :)

Michael, I sit there and pick out the boat I'll buy when I win Lotto.

Pattie Penny Pot, haven't seen any flat fish except the rays near Woy Woy.

Get yerself one of them fish stickers* from the bait shop.

How do we spot you?

To misquote Baroness Orczy: "They seek him here, they seek him there Those Frenchies seek him everywhere. If you should see him, please do give a yell! That demned elusive Pimpernel!"

God, I'm buggered. All this late night tsunami panic has done me in.

* A fish-recognition chart, not a euphemism thingy.