Friday, September 30, 2005

Photos From Walk #65 - Patonga

(Final walk post here)

Photos from Walk #65 - Patonga

Patonga Creek

Behind the 5 streets of Patonga there's a creek.

Patonga Weather Rock

Local weather forecasting service. I couldn't see the rock so there must've been a cyclone.

White & Purple Daisies

The white ones are the same as the daises on my balcony. They don't open on overcast days.

There's more Patonga photos. I'll upload when my brain hurts a bit less.

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Vampire Librarian said...

The Rock is probably in the kitchen doing all that cooking he's always talking about.

Suzanne said...

I'm not sure what happened, btw - not that it's any of my business, but are you suing the doctor? I absolutely recommend shunning people in white coats and taking up self-hypnosis - much better for your health.

Spike said...

Vamp: LOL.

Suzanne: Eh? Oh right. I'm with you. you mean thiis bit:

But the doctor gave me something stronger and I've emailed a solicitor so I should be calm again in about six months.

Nah. That's just me leaving vital bits out of sentences as I've been doing for a couple of now.

The something stronger's for the aggro I'm currently feeling re my father's behaviour and so the solicitor. The doctor's orright. He actually listens and even appears to have a reason for prescribing stuff. A prince among whatsits.

Spike said...

Though I readily admit that doctor as a species are not to be trusted.

K said...

The daisies are osteospermum daisies, there are a number of them in my photo stream on flickr:

I hope you are getting fitter wth all these walks.

Great idea for getting to know your area and getting fit.

I kind of did this on a bike when I was cycling lots during uni, but I always wished I didn't have to cycle the same bit at the beginning and the end! :-)