Saturday, October 01, 2005

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First, some summary stuff about the Peninsula Walk. Finished it yesterday, as regular readers will know.

Suzanne pointed out down here we are "so lowkey about these things". It's true. We tend to stare at our toes and squirm with embarrassment while our mates do the boasting for us :)

But also, I'm in contact with other walkers round the world and sometimes my walk seems tiny compared to theirs. Okay, I started off barely well enough to totter round the block and I did have a four hour nap after that first walk and naps after every walk for yonks. So my Walk has been and still is a walk back to health. I wasn't at death's door or anything but I was bloody worn down and wrung out.

Part of my motivation for walking the rest of the way round Brisbane Water is to keep up with my fellow walkers. There's Francine who just walked Minneapolis and Caleb who's walked Manhattan, Dinah who's walking San Fransisco, Suzanne who's doing a whole county, including towns, Steve who's doing a gob-smacking feat of endurance by walking across America and Mike who's just started with a small town. (There's heaps of others as well but they're on my back-up CD which I'm too lazy and full of flu to find.)

The main part of my motivation for more Walks is the same as when I started. Getting back to fitness, getting to know the place I live in and a bit of its history, getting out there and enjoying the natural world more. (There was more and it was better expressed and I'll come back to it another day.)

As I've walked the Peninsula I've noticed how beautiful it is. It's the main reason I moved here and noticing it again has really added to life. Now that I've taken all those pictures of beautiful views, I want more. I want to see the places I haven't been to yet, places I see all the time across the water. I want to see the places I have been from the places I haven't been. I want to stand on the foreshore at Saratoga and look across at the end point of my first Walk. I want to see all the islands and islets and peninsulas and bays of Brisbane Water.


So I'm going to see all the islands and islets and peninsulas and bays of Brisbane Water. I'm going to walk round Brisbane water.

Brisbane Water

(Brisbane Water)

No idea how far it is. I'll find out as I go. I'll be getting one of those pedometer thingies before I go much further.

I've done all the streets of Woy Woy. The lanes of Woy Woy I'm saving for January and February. They're our hottest months and the time when I least want to stick to some vinyl bus seat for an hour just to get to the start of a walk.

Walks List

Woy Woy peninsula - 1st of March to 30th of September 2005 - photos

Okay. Go to put up some more photos then I'm off to fight off the bloody flu. No way is it going to stop me from walking on Monday.

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